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Tax Smart Ways to Give

Join a community of donors who are committed to a culture of empowerment, justice, and dignity for survivors of violence, poverty, and inequity. 

There are many tax friendly ways to give that can align with your philanthropic passions and financial planning. We can help you meet your personal financial goals while making a long-lasting impact on our community.

Important Info

Legal Name & Tax ID

Young Women's Christian Association

930 N Monroe St,
Spokane, WA 99201

Tax ID: 91-0565025

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Gift Designation

Planning a tax smart gift can be one of the best ways to fulfill what you are most passionate about at YWCA Spokane.

Your gift can be designated in ways that you feel are most meaningful:

  • Designate your gift to the area of greatest need, allowing programs to meet the most immediate needs of the clients they serve
  • Designate your gift to a specific program
  • Designate your gift to the YWCA Spokane Forever Fund

Contact Us

For more information on tax smart ways to give or additional options, please contact us!

Philanthropy Office

Give Through Your Donor-Advised Fund

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) are investment accounts for the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations. By recommending a grant from your DAF to YWCA Spokane, you can help us promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all — with funds you already have set aside.

You can make a grant request directly through your DAF custodian or use our free online tool below. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions on how to direct your gift!

Give Non-Cash Assets

Giving appreciated assets (like stocks, real estate, or personal property) has advantages for both you and YWCA Spokane. You may donate your appreciated assets online through our free, secure tool or initiate a stock gift through your broker using the links below.

Benefits of giving assets:

  • Avoid capital gains taxes, which means you save money and can give up to 20% more than if you sold the assets and then made a cash donation
  • By gifting appreciated securities or assets, you may be eligible to recieve a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the asset and reduce your taxable income
  • Transferring assets is a straightforward process. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Give from Your IRA

If you are 70.5 or older, you can give up $100,000 from your IRA without having to pay income taxes on the money. 

Benefits of an IRA Gift:

  • Giving from your IRA is simple, the gift is made directly rom your IRA account, either by writing a check from your IRA account of by having your administrator issue a payment
  • IRA gifts are generally not recognized as taxable income
  • If you must take a Required Minimum Distribution, giving from your IRA is a compassionate way to fulfill it

Donate Cryptocurrency

We now accept donations of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies! Our secure online donation tool has no transaction fee, meaning 100% of your crypto gift goes to supporting YWCA Spokane!

Benefits of gifting crypto:

  • No capital gains tax to pay on appreciated crypto
  • You may recieve a federal tax deduction against your income tax for the full value of the gift
  • Its safe and easy to do online

Make A Gift Through Your Will

A bequest is a simple way to provide for the future of YWCA.

Through your will or revocable living trust, you can make a gift of:

  • A specific dollar amount
  • A particular asset
  • A portion of what remains after other distributions have been made

There are many ways for anyone to leave a transformational gift to YWCA Spokane, and we can help guide you through the process, including providing sample bequest language that can be used to support YWCA Spokane's mission through your estate.

Designate A Beneficiary

Naming YWCA Spokane as a beneficiary is a simple and affordable way to make a meaningful gift.

You can designate YWCA Spokane as a beneficiary of:

  • A life insurance policy
  • Your IRA or other retirement plan
  • An investment account
  • A bank account

The information provided here does not constitute legal or financial advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional counsel. YWCA Spokane encourages you to consult professional legal, estate planning, and financial advice before deciding on a course of action.


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