November 23, 2016

Volunteer Spotlight – Margaret Lang

Margaret Lang, a YWCA Spokane Volunteer, is a bright, enthusiastic presence in the room, undoubtedly an asset to the volunteer staff here at the YWCA. Her punctuality and acclaim amongst the staff, as well as favor from clients proves what a valuable asset she is to the facility. YWCA Volunteer Spotlight

Margaret Lang, eagerly pursues helping clients to her full ability. Since her first volunteer shift in August 2016, Margaret Lang accomplished over 45 hours of service at YWCA Spokane and she is quickly rising to the top as one of our most experienced volunteers. She focuses on being helpful while simultaneously growing her people skills through hands-on experience in the Women’s Opportunity Center and Drop In Childcare.

Margaret enjoys volunteering in all departments, but discovered her favorite department almost immediately. “Our Sister’s Closet is my favorite place to work for sure. That’s where I work the most and what I enjoy the most because I help people pick out outfits.” Laughing, she adds; “Not to toot my own horn, but I have a pretty good sense of fashion.”

Margaret began with drop-in childcare and worked her way up to her present role as a personal shopper in Our Sister’s Closet, the YWCA’s free clothing boutique. Taking on more and more responsibility as time goes on, Margaret has been training in various areas to gain additional skills allowing her to better help participants engage in services.

“My grandmother actually used to work here, it was her that actually recommended the YWCA to me,” she said. “I took some time off college to gain some work experience, and this seemed like a cool place to work, and it is!”

Annette Farrell, YWCA Volunteer Coordinator, notices the positive effects Margaret has by helping clients with unselfish attention. “Her positive attitude and consistent attendance are qualities the staff really appreciates,” Annette said.

“I love just helping people be happy” Margaret shares with laughter. “When I’m finishing an appointment and the client says she’s never had this much fun shopping before, it makes my day.”

Margaret’s charisma and dedication to the YWCA Spokane are a display of her love for her community and her serving heart. The positive influence she has here will only continue to grow, and her love for volunteering fuels her desire to work alongside clients and staff with a positive outlook on life and her work. For that we are grateful!

Thank you Margaret for joining our team as a volunteer! We sincerely appreciate your support!

– Volunteer Highlight provided by Jordan Tolbert, Women to Work volunteer & Gonzaga University student.

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By: Erica Schreiber

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