August 20, 2019

Volunteer Spotlight – Jack Kashork

YWCA Spokane would like to express our sincere gratitude to Jack Kashork through this month’s Volunteer Spotlight.

Shoutout to Jack Kashork – Volunteer Extraordinaire!  Jack decided that he wanted to spend a portion of his summer vacation giving back to his community, and reached out to us to see how he could be of help. From the beginning, he stressed that he was willing to do whatever was needed, no matter how tedious.  Jack scanned receipts, washed dishes, inventoried supplies, sorted clothing, and did everything that was asked of him with enthusiasm.  Sometimes, he would recruit his sister, Catelin, to help. He even consistently asked to come in extra days beyond what we had scheduled!  We’re so grateful for Jack’s help this summer getting organized, and wish him the best in his new school year!


Over 230 dedicated community members volunteer 4,000 hours of their time, energy, skills, and resources to the YWCA Spokane each year by conducting necessity drives, sorting donations, facilitating classes, working in the computer lab, reading to children, participating on committees, and helping with events. If you are interested in volunteering at YWCA Spokane, please call 509.326.1190 or email There are many ways you can make a difference by volunteering at YWCA Spokane. Here is a list of a few opportunities to consider.

By: Drew Swanson

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