August 2, 2016

Volunteer Spotlight: Ann Williams

When we think about what it means to have the spirit of a volunteer, Ann comes to mind.

YWCA Spokane Volunteer Ann Williams

YWCA Spokane Volunteer Ann Williams

We would like to recognize Ann Williams, a YWCA Spokane Volunteer who joined our team this year while she also completes her practicum program.

Ann has been a tremendous help in the Women’s Opportunity Center which includes 3 main programs: Women to Work, Essentials, and Our Sister’s Closet.

We usually refer to Ann as our ‘Essentials Intern’ even though the level of work that she does for our organization often goes above and beyond a typical internship.

Ann has a ideal volunteer spirit. Her graciousness, empathy, and her ability to easily adjust when “things don’t go as planned”, have been a true treasure for our agency. When it comes to taking on new challenges, Ann tackles each one with a can-do attitude.

This Spring, Ann re-organized the Essentials craft supplies and storage area, creating an efficient and user friendly space. During this massive project Ann also created a “kitchen-like” space in the Essentials classroom. Her efforts helped to create a space where participants can feel safe, comforted, and at ease while working on life’s challenges.

Each day, success in the classroom depends on the energy and presence our staff and volunteers bring into the room. Ann has provides a heartfelt contribution to the women in our Essentials classroom.  Participants have expressed that “Ann is a sweetie”, “She’s never in a bad mood”,  “Ann always comes in cheerful.” “She’s refreshing to be around, I love it.” Ann does a wonderful job creating a powerful and welcoming space for everyone around her. We are very grateful to have her support.

Acknowledgement of this important volunteer comes from our YWCA Spokane Volunteer Coordinator, Annette Farrell. If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities at the YWCA Spokane, you can reach Annette at

By: Erica Schreiber

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