Thank You to Spokane County United Way for your Tremendous Support!

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Thank you to the Spokane County United Way for your grant to benefit YWCA Spokane’s Advocacy and Counseling Program, as well as the Women’s Opportunity Center!

Because of their amazing support, YWCA Spokane’s Advocacy Services and Women’s Opportunity Center will be able to reach more women and families in need in Spokane, while also filling critical gaps to fulfill each need in our programs. Through United Way, YWCA Spokane will be able to fund our advocacy roles and continue to ensure YWCA Spokane as the place survivors can count on for safety planning, resources brokering, and connections to the other services they need. Additionally, their tremendous gift allows for free mental health therapy for survivors of domestic violence without insurance. Their contribution will also fund direct client needs, such as

birth certificates or other forms of documentation necessary for a child to enroll in school, and victim relocation expenses when moving out of the area is the best option for her safety.

In addition to their impact on our Counseling Advocacy Services, they have chosen to give to our Women’s Opportunity Center as well. Because of their contributions, YWCA Spokane will be able to continue DSHS Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET) services, as well as allow for investments like professional development.

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We deeply appreciate United Way’s commitment to YWCA Spokane. Their mission to “fight” to support healthy family relationships, increase high school graduation rates, and improve the financial stability of families,” is evident in their generosity and longtime support of our agency. We simply could not do this work without United Way as a partner in our community.

Thank you for helping women and families escaping domestic violence heal and grow; your organization truly makes a life-lasting impact!

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If you would like to make a donation supporting YWCA Spokane’s programs and services for victims of domestic violence, please visit our donation page to learn about many ways you can make a positive impactful in the community. Whether it be a one-time donation online, hosting a beneficiary event, or giving gift-in-kind, your support is paramount to our work.

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Olivia is a graduate of Gonzaga University, where she studied English Literature, Women's and Gender Studies, Political Science, and Leadership. Taking her passion for women's empowerment and racial equality, Olivia joined YWCA Spokane in July 2018. Some of her favorite parts about YWCA Spokane are the agency's deep care for the community and powerful mission.