March 23, 2022

Annual United Way Giving Campaign – 2022

YWCA Spokane On Giving Back

Each year, YWCA Spokane hosts a Spokane County United Way Giving Campaign. Our agency fully believes in the work United Way does in our community, funding vital programs and services, including ours. United Way’s grant programs increase our community’s ability to create solutions to our most pressing challenges in the areas of health, education, and financial stability.

This year our campaign launched on February 14th with the goal of spreading the love in our community! Over the two-week campaign, we were able to raise more funds than our past campaigns and generate a lot of gratitude for our teams and clients.

“United Way funding is money raised in Spokane that stays in Spokane. It means so much to me to know that my donations stay in the community I love!” Morgan Colburn, Director of Advocacy Support

United Way’s flexible funding is critical to supporting survivors and their families. “Many of our funding sources have very strict requirements on how and when I can use the money, and often restricts me from using funding to directly support victims’ needs. But United Way is there to support the real needs that other grants don’t support, like helping families relocate or helping victims get important documents like birth certificates needed to secure safe and affordable housing.” 

This type of funding is extremely rare in the grant world, but incredibly impactful. “In the Women’s Opportunity Center, it increases access for clients and allows us to create a much more supportive and healing environment.” Kim Choat, Women’s Opportunity Center Director, “It’s amazing how much we can do with funding that is not restricted!”

Spreading The Love

YWCA Spokane employees were asked if they made their gift to United Way in honor of someone to help spread the love! Together we raised over $2,800 for Spokane County United Way.

Learn More

Learn more about Spokane County United Way at!

By: Jemma Riedel-Johnson

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