March 3, 2021

Thank You MultiCare For Your Incredible Support!

Thank You To MultiCare, A YWCA Spokane Mission Partner

MultiCare’s mission is, “Partnering for Healing and a Healthy Future,” which inspires them to form connections that help address identified community needs and improve quality of life for their communities. Consistent with that mission, MultiCare joined YWCA Spokane as our newest Mission Partner in 2020, committing to contribute critical funds for at least 3 years so that we can continue providing our free and confidential services to women, men, children, and families affected by intimate partner domestic violence, homelessness, and unemployment. Together we are partnering to advance initiatives, programs and projects that improve our community.

MultiCare’s Mission Partner Impact

MultiCare’s dedicated staff helps YWCA Spokane address Intimate Partner Domestic Violence in our community.

YWCA Spokane’s 2020 impact would not have been possible without the support of MultiCare. 

As our newest valued mission partner, MultiCare’s contributions made a big difference in our ability to adapt and respond to the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic this past year. As a major event sponsor they allowed us the flexibility to transition to a virtual event model, enabling us to raise the additional funds we need from our community to bridge the gap between the expenses we incur while serving clients and the grants we receive from state, local, and private parties.

In addition to providing us with key event sponsorships, Multicare has proactively joined YWCA Spokane in our mission to end intimate partner domestic violence.

Because of their amazing support, YWCA Spokane’s Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Support Services is able to provide hospital advocacy to survivors in need of medical support. These funds assist in recognizing survivors of Intimate Partner Domestic Violence in the hospital setting in order to connect them to support services, such as YWCA Spokane’s Safe Shelter or Women’s Opportunity Center. Through identifying victims of intimate partner domestic violence in the hospital setting, health practitioners and advocates will be able to diagnose and assess the primary reason for the hospital visit, the abuse, in addition to treating the physical injuries associated with the abuse. This comprehensive method of recognizing and responding to abuse will allow victims and survivors to have access to the resources needed to end the violence.

Below is a quote from a survivor who benefited from our services. It’s stories like these that MultiCare helps make possible.

“I am alive, a survivor, and a success story because of the YWCA Domestic Violence Program. I can honestly say that I fully believe that I would have been killed if it weren’t for the shelter system. The Spokane YWCA was instrumental in keeping me and my family safe while helping us on our journey to establish a new, better, and safer life.”  – YWCA Spokane Client

From The Bottom Of Our Hearts, Thank You MultiCare For Your Incredible Support & Partnership

We are incredibly grateful to MultiCare for providing critical care to our community on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic, and for their dedication to making a difference in the lives of every person we serve at YWCA Spokane. Thank you for joining us in such an uncertain time, for your commitment to this work, and for helping to ensure YWCA Spokane’s vital services remain available.

Thank you, to our dear friend and supporter, Dr. David O’Brien, MD, Senior Vice President & Chief Executive, East Region, and to all of our friends at MultiCare, for your partnership and generosity!

Join MultiCare In The Support Of Our Work And Mission At YWCA Spokane; Donate Today!

If you would like to make a donation supporting YWCA Spokane’s programs and services, please visit our donation page to learn about many ways you can make a positive impact in the community. Whether it be a one-time donation online, hosting a beneficiary event, or giving gift-in-kind, your support is paramount to our work.

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By: Briana

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