January 15, 2021

Thank You Meeting House and Live Local INW!

Survivors at our domestic violence safe shelter received a special gift this holiday season thanks to South Perry’s Meeting House cafe, the City of Spokane and Live Local INW.

Meeting House provided 120 meal kits – 30 each week for 4 weeks – to our domestic violence safe shelter to help the survivors at the facility take a break and enjoy the holidays. The kits included a panini sandwich, soup, salad, chips, and a cookie.

The donations were met with smiles from the women and families at the shelter. Those at the shelter called the kits comfort food and kids’ eyes lit up when YWCA staff brought the meals around the facility. One excited 6-year-old opened up a box and exclaimed, “Salad! I love salad!” The delicious meals were eaten quickly after being passed out.










“Thank you Meeting House for giving our kids a treat and helping our moms get a much-needed break.” – Melanie, Senior Shelter Advocate

The grant was made possible by the CARES Act, which sent funding to states and localities to help them battle the economic hardships caused by COVID-19. The City of Spokane directed some of their funds to Live Local INW, which sought applications from local businesses that wanted to support nonprofits with their services. Meeting House applied for and received $3,000 to support the survivors at the shelter.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every life in our community, especially survivors and families. As cases continue to surge, victims who need to escape an abusive partner can be left with fewer options. Supporters like Meeting House make it possible for the YWCA to provide life-changing services for survivors.


By: Andrew Goodwin

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