June 10, 2021

Thank You Hamilton Studio for Your Incredible Support!

Thank You To Hamilton Studio, A YWCA Spokane Mission Partner

Don Hamilton, Lorna St. John, and their premier photo and film studio, Hamilton Studio, are staples of the Spokane community. With a long history producing state of the art video for a wide range of clients across the northwest, Hamilton Studio consistently gives back to causes that matter to them by donating their time and skills to provide video production and creative direction.

Hamilton Studio believes deeply in the mission of YWCA Spokane to empower women and eliminate racism.  Particularly passionate about responding to domestic violence, Hamilton Studio also provides significant videography support to the Domestic Violence Coalition, of which YWCA Spokane is a member. Giving back in this way is just who they are, in Lorna St. John’s own words “A lot of people give money, a lot of people give time, we give what we have, and what we have are skills–bringing a worthwhile asset. It’s a great gift to us to be needed, and a great honor to give something to someone that means so much to us.”

As our newest valued Mission Partner, and YWCA Spokane’s main video production partner, Hamilton Studio plays a unique role in making so much of our work possible. Their critical commitment of time and resources valued at the Mission Partner level help us to raise the profile of our work in the community–bringing awareness to the issues, and to the services we provide, as well as helping us raise critical funds.

Hamilton Studio is proud of their association with the YWCA, and honored to work on moving the needle on domestic violence issues. YWCA Spokane could not be more thrilled to have them as our partners in this work.

Hamilton Studio’s Mission Partner Impact

The incredible Hamilton Studio team.

YWCA Spokane’s impact in the community would not be possible without the support of Hamilton Studio.

Their mission partnership helps to ensure that YWCA Spokane’s free and confidential services are available to survivors of domestic violence, quality education is available to low-income children and families, and women can gain crucial life and job skills necessary for their economic advancement.

Last year, faced with a global pandemic and no internal ability to transition our crucial fundraising events to a virtual format, Hamilton Studio stepped in to beautifully produce our two largest events in their studio, an Evening in Tuscany 2020 and Women of Achievement 2020. We truly could not have pulled off these events, or raised the funds we needed, without their support.

Thanks to the generosity of Hamilton Studio, YWCA Spokane was able to provide a critical foundation of support for over 16,000 women, men, children, and families in 2020 despite the challenges of the pandemic. With adaptations and adjustments made for health and safety, we were even able to continue providing in person preschool education in our ECEAP classrooms, and kept our confidential shelter open every single day of the year.

As our partnership continues into 2021 and beyond, we’re excited to keep working with Hamilton Studio to tell the story of YWCA Spokane, celebrate the power of women, highlight the experiences of domestic violence survivors in our community, and so much more.

Below is a quote from a survivor who benefited from our Legal Program support this year. It is stories like these that Hamilton Studio makes possible. We would not be able to do this work without their support. Together we are breaking cycles of trauma and empowering survivors. 

“I have a reason to smile when I wake up. I am lucky to be alive, I feel. Your team listened to me and jumped to help me when I had no one in the world. I was on my last bit of strength when I came into the YWCA, and today I have the strength to help others. You changed my entire world.”  – YWCA Spokane Client

From The Bottom Of Our Hearts, Thank You Hamilton Studio For Your Incredible Support & Partnership

We are incredibly grateful to Hamilton Studio for their dedication to making a difference in the lives of every person we serve at YWCA Spokane. Thank you for your boundless energy, passion, and commitment to this work, for raising awareness in our community, and for helping to ensure YWCA Spokane’s vital services remain available.

Thank you Don, Lorna, and everyone at Hamilton Studio for your partnership and generosity!

Below you can see last year’s virtual An Evening In Tuscany event, which would not have been possible without Hamilton Studio joining us to film and produce it.

Join Hamilton Studio In The Support Of Our Work And Mission At YWCA Spokane; Donate Today!

If you would like to make a donation supporting YWCA Spokane’s programs and services, please visit our donation page to learn about many ways you can make a positive impact in the community. Whether it be a one-time donation online, hosting a beneficiary event, or giving gift-in-kind, your support is paramount to our work.

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By: Briana

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