RSJ Spotlight: Mariah Brigman + Yoyot Sp’q’n’i

Categories: Advocacy, Community, Get Involved, Impact, Spokane Resources
Image of Native woman with red handprint over her mouth symbolizing the Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women movement, with quote that reads, "It seemed like anyone who wasn't Indigenous had no clue what was going on. Which is why I feel really inclined to bring awareness to it. Learning about the disproportionate rates of domestic violence, of violence in general towards Native woman and women of color just made me more passionate."
Racial & Social Justice Partner Spotlight Series Each month, our Equity Coordinator, Lara, sits down with an organization or individual in our community to spotlight the work they do to create real and lasting change for a more equitable Spokane. (3 minute read) CW: domestic violence, death/murder October Spotlight Mariah Brigman, co-founder of Yoyot Sp’q’n’i …

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