September 20, 2021

From Survive To Thrive

Content developed by YWCA Spokane Domestic Violence Action Month Committee.

From Survive To Thrive DV Educational Series

Welcome! It is our goal at YWCA Spokane to help spread awareness and education about what Intimate Partner Domestic Violence is, how it impacts our community, and what we can do to create real and lasting change.

From Survive to Thrive was formerly part of a previous “Learn & Give” awareness campaign we launched in 2020 called ONE MISSION. We believe that this educational content is so valuable, we wanted to make sure it was easily available, year-round.

Join us to learn more about the experiences and challenges of being a survivor of domestic violence.

DV Education Series: | Intersectionality | Physiological | Safety | Love & Belonging | Esteem | Self-Actualization | Thank You

Why Go Through YWCA’s From Survive to Thrive Educational Series?

Domestic Violence Is A Community Issue, Impacting The Lives Of Our Friends, Co-Workers, and Families

Chances are that someone in your circle of friends and family has or will be impacted by Domestic Violence. In Spokane, we have the highest rate of domestic violence in Washington State with 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men impacted by domestic violence. There is no limit to how domestic violence can impact our community. To address this devastating issue, we must come together, education ourselves, and step into action. This series is designed to inspire real and lasting change in our community and in the lives of the thousands of women, children, and families we serve each year at YWCA Spokane.

What You Need To Know To Get Started

Over the course of this series we will walk you through experiences survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) face. In order to help paint this picture, we will use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to provide an easy visual to understand the complexities survivors face and YWCA Spokane’s holistic approach to providing comprehensive services.

We will highlight barriers many people experience when dealing with domestic violence such as racism, social segregation, and religious manipulation. We will share with you ways we as a community can support a survivor while they are on their journey of healing.

Although Maslow’s pyramid is a useful tool to take us through this educational series, a survivor’s needs may not mimic this linear model. Often a person’s life circumstances shift unexpectedly and systems, services, and support structures can fail to appropriately meet, care for, or support a person’s dynamic needs.

It is important to note that, for Maslow, the yearning to meet each of the five categories of needs did not unfold in a hierarchical manner. Instead, Maslow argued that the desire to meet all needs is present and deeply entrenched in human nature. Our capacity to do so, however, is what unfolds in a hierarchical manner. This means that the desire to form and maintain meaningful intimate relationships, feel accomplished, and achieve one’s full potential are always present, but can only be confronted when the more basic human needs, including both physiological and safety needs are met.

What You Can Expect From the Series

Often unrealistic expectations and assumptions are placed upon victims and survivors.  During this series we will explore the realities of domestic violence and what is needed in order to move on to a safer situation.

As you engage with this content you will:
  • Learn what Intimate Partner Domestic Violence is,
  • Address stigmas and misconceptions about why it happens,
  • Gain a better understanding of what survivors deal with and what barriers are in the way of accessing support,
  • And what services are available for survivors and allies in Spokane.

Hold Time For Reflection

We look forward to you joining us for this important series. Please invite your friends! We courage groups to move through the series together.

Consider holding space to reflect on what you have learned after each topic is released. How did the content make you feel? What is something you learned? Did you notice anything about yourself and your current understanding of domestic violence? Consider sharing this new awareness with a friend or group to help deepen your understanding of the information.

DV Education Series:

Domestic Violence Action Month

Each October, YWCA Spokane facilitates an action and awareness campaign to help end domestic violence in our community. Individuals, leaders, and businesses are encouraged to participate. Learn more below.


By: Rachel Dannen

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