Supporter Highlight: Jim

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Jim, you make an incredible difference.

Donation received

Recently, YWCA Spokane staff were deeply moved and tremendously grateful upon receiving a $1,200 donation from a long time supporter and partner in our work. Jim, pictured below at home with his grandson, started volunteering with YWCA Spokane at Spring Fling, an annual fundraising event, years ago.

He has since continued to volunteer for us in the development department one to two times every single week, and is known on a personal basis by many of our staff.

Jim has given endless hours of his time in service to support us. For some time now he has been secretly saving up to make a surprising donation at this year’s spring fling fundraiser as a special gift to our agency. However, because the event was canceled due to COVID19, he decided to send the gift with a special note, the content of which is included below. It made each of us who read it cry, as we know how big of a contribution this was for him to make, in addition to all the other ways he gives to our team.

My dear friends of the YWCA!! Sorry I’m so late with my donation to the Spring Fling!! I hope it’s not to late to apply it to the event. I had planned to do something sneaky at the paddle rise and surpise everyone, but when the event was cancelled (and I had some other expenses pop up) it has taken me this long to donate after I had planned for months. I love all of you & what you do for the women of Spokane !! -Jim

Personal Response

Our development department staff wanted to do something special for Jim to show our deep appreciation for him and his support. So, we caravanned over to his home, where he lives with his daughter and grandson, to surprise him with flowers, a card, and some chocolates (his favorite!). His daughter and grandson were instrumental in helping our staff plan the surprise for him.

The video below captures him opening the door to see us holding “Thank You Jim” signs. All of us involved were deeply moved by this movement, and appreciative for the shared experience together during this time of quarantine and isolation. More images from the event can be found below.

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