2024 Self-Care Summit for Youth

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This January we held our second annual self-care summit for youth in Spokane. 

The Self-Care Summit (previously called Transformations Self-Care Celebrations) is a special one day conference for youth that is provided through a partnership between YWCA Spokane and SWAG (Strong Women Achieving Greatness). The summit is  centered on promoting and encouraging self-care among youth, with a focus on young women of color.

This year, with the summit occurring in January, we challenged participants to consider how they can continue to intentionally care for themselves throughout the year. In addition to a keynote by local youth advocate and leader of SWAG, Jaime Stacy, each summit facilitator provided education, tools, and skills throughout three different workshops that encouraged the youth to care for themselves through physical movement and mental health, self love and self image, and building healthy relationships.

Building Connections and Community

Throughout the event, facilitators created opportunities for the youth to learn from each other, share their experiences, and learn and laugh together. Throughout the various workshops, youth learned yoga movements, a step routine, the strength of affirmations, the importance of boundaries, the benefits of sensory and fidget tools, the importance of positive self-image and how to care for and braid different types of hair.

Self Care to Community Care by Jaime Stacy

Founder of SWAG | Keynote Speaker

During the summit, Jaime focused her keynote on discussing the cycle of self care to community care. Jaime shared, “community care is knowing that if you need help, there are people out there that you can turn to.” Understanding what your limits are, while honoring help from others is how Jaime defines strong. This keynote focused on helping youth understand that taking care of themselves, asking for help, and building community is strong and that these things allow them to show up for themselves and others.

Power of Movement by Stephaine Courtney

Founder of The Learning Project | Workshop Facilitator

Stephaine facilitated a workshop focused on helping youth understand how movement can positively impact mental health. She taught the youth yoga movement and a step routine to assist them with understanding the positive effects that movement can have in improving mood. She also provided youth with additional ways to take care of themselves.

Self-Care and Self-Image by Kameisha “Meme” Williams

Owner of Sola Salon Studios | Workshop Facilitator

Kameisha “Meme” facilitated a workshop focused on self-care and ways to provide love and care to yourself. The youth learned about different hair types and textures, how to style different hair and the effects that our hair could have on our self-image. To end the workshop, each youth had the opportunity to practice what they learned and get support in learning how to braid.

Healthy Relationships by Lizbeth Reyes

Prevention Coordinator at YWCA Spokane | Workshop Facilitator

Liz facilitated a workshop focused on the importance of boundaries and core values to foster healthy relationships. The time spent together in this workshop was focused on the youth identifying their core values, discussing the importance of knowing our values and understanding the role they play in our relationship.


Photos from the Summit

Closing out the Summit

As they collected their self-care goodie bags and said goodbye to newly made friends, the youth closed out the summit by sharing what they enjoyed most about the day. Below are a few comments captured.

  • “Being able to meet people who believe themselves and who are there for the community and the people.”
  • “Just being around people that I can relate to.”
  • “Being able to learn different ways to take care of myself.”
  • “My group being friendly and kind to each other.”
  • “The emphasis on self care and relationships.”
  • “I finally learned how to braid as an African American woman 😌.”

“One of our goals with this summit was to create a space where young girls of color could build community and find belonging. I saw this goal come to fruition when all of the youth stood up at the end of the conference and joined Stephaine Courtney in a step routine. I saw this as a visual representation that they felt safe in this space because they felt confident to join her in front of their peers.” stated Lizbeth Reyes, Prevention Coordinator.

Special Thanks

Thank You To Our Facilitators and Volunteers

This summit was successful because of the support of our facilitators, Stephaine Courtney, Kamiesha “Meme” Williams and Lizbeth Reyes for ensuring that the youth felt seen, comfortable and safe during their workshops. This summit was also successful because of the support that our volunteers provided throughout the event. Special thank you to Erica S, Brit W, and Alondra H. for ensuring that the smallest details of this event was set in motion and taken care of.

Thank You To Our Valued Partner, SWAG & Jaime Stacy

It is through YWCA Spokane’s valued partnership with SWAG Founder, Jaime Stacy, that we are able to provide this special self-care summit for youth in the Spokane area. Jaime has done an incredible job of lifting up and supporting young people in our community through her work with SWAG and being an amazing facilitator of our summer Transformations CampLearn more about Jaime and her work with SWAG.


Thank You To Our Transformations Sponsors

This special celebration is an extension of our our summer empowerment camp called Transformations Camp. Special thanks Jim Sheehan along with other key partners for their financial sponsorship of these efforts. This offering would not be possible without their support.

If you or your organization would like to support YWCA Spokane’s prevention efforts that foster healthy relationships within young people in our community, please contact Erica Schreiber, Director of Community Engagement by calling 509-280-2616 or by email ericas@ywcaspokane.org.