April 22, 2021

Take Action

Keep Up The Momentum After Stand Against Racism

Today, we held our annual Stand Against Racism event where we engaged in open, honest dialog with Spokane community members about racial and social justice issues. Over 400 Spokane community members registered to join our free, virtual event, and many expressed that they plan to watch the event in groups with other community members.

We are incredibly grateful to our hosts, moderator, and panelists for facilitating an important conversation centered around understanding that racism is a public health crisis. Amazing Spokane artists performed for us and locally owned businesses provided specials for our enjoyment. To learn more about these amazing individuals and organizations plus our valued sponsors visit SAR 2021.

For those unable to join us, a video recording of Stand Against Racism 2021 will be made available by next week.

Download & Share Action Steps

Step Into Action

Attending this year’s Stand Against Racism is an incredible show of support for critical issues affecting our community and nation. However, for true and lasting change to take effect, each and every one of us will need to maintain our commitment to continuous action.

Below are action steps you can take to keep the momentum going.

1. ADVOCATE: Take The Stand Against Racism Pledge

2. LEARN: Sign Up For YWCA’s 14-Day Equity Challenge

3. GROW: Get Involved With Local Organizations

Consider reaching out to family, friends, and co-workers to ask them to step into action with you as we take a stand against racism together. Make sure to share on social media with #standagainstracism. Thank you!

Step Into Action


Racism Is A Public Health Crisis

Leading up to this year’s Stand Against Racism event we shared educational content around racism as a public health crisis on our blog and through our Facebook page.

Read our 3-part blog series on this topic:

If you’d like to expand on this topic and others through deeper conversation, consider joining our YWCA Spokane’s Racial and Social Justice Facebook Group.

Tell your members of congress its time to declare racism a public health crisis.

Secure Your Merchandise Today

If you haven’t already had a chance to secure your Stand Against Racism and YWCA Spokane apparel, drinkware, or yard sign, there is still time! Take a look at our grand new merchandise portal. Please share with friends and enjoy this fun way to show your support for our work and mission at YWCA Spokane

Take a Look!

YWCA Spokane’s Racial & Social Justice Work

At YWCA Spokane, we are committed to supporting and uplifting racial and social justice efforts and serving as a voice for what is right, fair, and just. We will get up and continue to do the work until injustice is rooted out, until institutions are transformed, and until the world sees women, girls, and people of color the way we do: Equal. Powerful. Unstoppable.

We encourage you to join us in this movement as we work to champion equality, to end gender discrimination, and to combat injustices that pose as barriers for so many. This work requires action. Action from us all. Every person is responsible for creating change. The time to act is now, and we urge the Spokane community to join us. Join us in changing our future.

Racial & Social Justice

Thank You To Our Sponsors

This year’s Stand Against Racism event would not have been possible without the support of our valued sponsors.

By: Erica Schreiber

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