Racial & Social Justice Learning Community

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Open Enrollment Occurs Every June

2023 RSJ Learning Community Rooftop Gathering

YWCA Spokane’s Racial & Social Justice (RSJ) Learning Community accepts new members each June

This intentional space allows for awareness of subconscious thoughts and attitudes that affect our perceptions about people, the decisions we make, and our impact on our community. It also allows for courageous conversations about systemic issues that impact the clients we serve. Together, this community can learn what to do with our awareness and how to step into action.

Ограниченный enrollment window allows our community of dedicated volunteers and staff members the ability to maintain a cohesive group with clear objectives throughout the year. 

The generative discussions during monthly meetings allow for:

  • calls to action (CTAs) & campaigns
  • community-building space
  • discussions related to YW Spokane’s work and mission
  • think tanks & brainstorming
  • volunteer opportunities
  • workshops & webinars
  • and much more!

Read the 2022 RSJ Impact Report здесь.


We ask new volunteer members of the RSJ Learning Community to agree to serve a one-year term. The full RSJ Learning Community meets monthly to discuss and address annual goals. In addition, subcommittees meet as needed to achieve specific objectives in relation to racial and social justice events, campaigns, activities, and objectives.

We ask that members make every effort possible to attend the monthly meetings, which are scheduled in advance. The RSJ Learning Community meets at noon on the first Thursday of every month.

Мы также просим заинтересованные стороны изучить и понять Адвокация и политические приоритеты YWCA USA.

2023 – 2024 RACIAL & SOCIAL JUSTICE Learning Community

In addition to their service to our community, we appreciate their commitment to YWCA Spokane’s mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.
Photo of two smiling women, both with long dark hair and brown eyes.
2022-2023 Learning Community Chair, Tamika LaMere & YWCA Equity Coordinator, Lara Estaris at the agency’s 120th birthday celebration & annual meeting.

Tamika LaMere, Lara Estaris

Members: Courtney Anderson, Liz Backstrom, Christina Banda-Kamkosi, Devyn Bell, Stephanie Bogue, Desire Buckles, Jessie Cook, Desiree Crawford, Chandler Dean, Rachel Dannen, Kathryn DePaolis, Alethea Dumas, Jeanette Hauck, Alondra Herrera, Danny Harris, Taffy Hunter, Misha Lehmann, Steve Lloyd, Caroline Mark, Anna Marie Martin, Alisha Merkt, Lauren Moffat, Jenn Nagata, Jennee Pool, Denise Redditt, Edward Renouard, Dr. Claudine Richardson, Jemma Riedel-Johnson, Roupe, Wendy Schatz, Erica Schreiber, Clair Schueman, Dr. Deb Svoboda, Hannah Talbot, Karla Trejo-Bernal, Brit Wilson


Дополнительные способы изменить ситуацию

If you are passionate about supporting YWCA Spokane’s racial and social justice work but missed the enrollment window for this year, we encourage you to volunteer and support the work and mission in other ways. Please direct any questions to our team at rsjteam@ywcaspokane.org.

Want to be part of system change? Consider exploring our предложения по защите здесь. Formerly an RSJ subcommittee, our legislative advocacy work has become a part of a new board-led committee. This committee works to identify issues and develop policies and procedures both locally and nationally that facilitate action in order to bring about social change. If you are interested, please email Liz Backstrom at lizb@ywcaspokane.org.

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