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The Racial Justice Challenge

The Racial Justice Challenge is the action component for the Until Justice Just Is campaign to help raise awareness of systemic racism and inform how each of us can take action to advance justice. Each year, YWCAs across the country come together to engage in a nationwide challenge.

As we move in a new direction, the name of our challenge has changed to the Racial Justice Challenge from the 21-Day Stand Against Racism (SAR) Challenge.

YWCA Spokane thanks and acknowledges Dr. Eddie Moore Jr., Debby Irving, and Dr. Marguerite Penick for their leadership in the field of racial equity as exhibited in their 21-Day Racial Equity and Habit Building Challenge, and the movement they helped to initiate. YWCA’s content is independently designed, written, and curated by YWCA staff as part of racial equity and social justice programs offered to the community.

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What To Expect

The challenge will begin in September. A new challenge will be shared via email Monday – Friday each week. As each day is released, the content will be made available on this webpage.

The Racial Justice Challenge was designed to help community members dedicate time and space within their schedules to build more effective social justice habits, particularly around issues dealing with race, power, privilege, and leadership. Each challenge includes daily prompts suggesting to take a few moments to dive into an article, podcast, or reflect on a personal experience.

This is an opportunity to further our learning into racial equity and social justice. The Racial Justice Challenge provides not only critical information and historical context to better understand systemic racism; we hope it proves to be a catalyst for ongoing application in racial and social justice efforts that help to create a fair, just, and equitable community.

Sign Up To Take The Racial Justice Challenge

The Racial Justice Challenge is accessible to anyone interested in learning more about racial equity and social justice and examining these issues in our own communities.

Consider inviting your friends, family, and co-workers to join you in powerful and courageous dialog and action by moving through the challenge topics together as a learning community.

Continue this conversation and explore other topics, by joining our Группа Facebook по вопросам расовой и социальной справедливости.

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View our past challenges:

A Statement From YWCA Spokane’s Board of Directors

YWCA Spokane is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women, and your voice is vital to ensuring we live up to this legacy in Spokane. Our work together can root out injustice, transform institutions, and create a community that sees women, girls, and people of color the way we do:  Равный. Мощный. Неостанавливаемый.

Please read the full statement from our  Board of Directors and join us.


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