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Together, we can build a beloved community. To get there, it will require action from us all.

Every person is responsible for creating real change. Part of that responsibility is to become more aware. Too often, stereotypes, biases, and racial power dynamics are embedded in our reactions to each other, our laws, and in our public policies. Knowledge is power and educating ourselves is critical in our commitment to racial and social justice.

Below, you will find a variety of resources and tools to support you with learning about issues related to race, power, privilege, and equitable leadership. We encourage you to explore these resources individually as well within a group setting. Consider joining our Racial and Social Justice Facebook group, which is a community of people who are interested in sharing resources, having courageous conversations, and learning and growing together. 

Racial Justice Challenge


14 pin-back buttons of varying sizes and colors in a display case read, "I Support Center for Independent Living," "Disabled. Non-disabled. We all have a lot in common," "Handicapped Human Rights. Sign 504," "Access BART Coalition," "Disabled Peoples' Civil Rights Day," "International Year of Disabled Persons," "Equality, Justice & Access for All. ADA," "Don't Dis My Ability," "Disabled American Community Freedom Rally," and "Not Dead Yet."

The Racial Justice Challenge helps raise awareness of systemic racism and inform how each of us can take action to advance justice. The challenge was designed to help community members, organizations, and businesses dedicate time and space within their schedules to build more effective social justice habits, particularly around issues dealing with race, power, privilege, and leadership.

This 10-day virtual learning series offers daily prompts that are shared via email as well as on this webpage. Each challenge dives into a topic and provides articles, videos, and podcasts to check out. It is also designed to encourage reflection on your own personal experiences.

This is an opportunity to further our learning into racial equity and social justice. The Racial Justice Challenge provides not only critical information and historical context to better understand systemic racism; we hope it proves to be a catalyst for ongoing application in racial and social justice efforts that help to create a fair, just, and equitable community.

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Learn & Give Challenge

At YWCA Spokane, we see our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women as one mission.

We believe in a community where all women, children, and families have a safe place to live. A place where women have the opportunity to earn a livable wage and families can live free from violence, in peace, and with dignity.

This vision is hollow if we ignore the compounded intersections of race, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity–and especially if we ignore the experiences of women of color, who have long been leaders in anti-racist and women’s rights movements.

As part of YWCA’s ONE MISSION Campaign, the Learn & Give Challenge offers you and your circle of friends, co-workers, and family a special way to join together and make real and lasting change in our community.

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Cultural Competency Exercises

These exercises can be explored in group settings in order to foster the ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with people from cultures or belief systems different from one’s own. Share these tools with friends, family, your church, or within a work environment.


Self Care Is A Revolutionary Act

When we’re expected to take care of others emotionally and physically, taking time, energy, and resources for ourselves can feel shameful. Through this Prevention At Home Series, YWCA Spokane’s staff have joined together to create a unique online engagement opportunity focused on cultivating increased community education and awareness surrounding issues related to intimate partner domestic violence and self-care during the pandemic.


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Take Action: Racial Justice | Courageous Conversations | Events | Learn With Us | RSJ Partners | AdvocateResources | Support This Work