Courageous Conversations

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In order to fully live out the YWCA Spokane mission, our agency works to uphold social justice, support families, and strengthen communities. The agency continues to build strong relationships with each other and the community, outside agencies, and other individuals. We also believe in clear and transparent sharing of information to establish a culture of trust and integrity. These are just a few ways we collaborate to work towards a shared vision of peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

RSJ Spotlight SeriesRed, blue, and grey banner with text that reads, "Racial and Social Justice Spotlight: Olivia Evans, The Root Experience"

As part of our ongoing RSJ Spotlight series, our Equity Coordinator, Lara, sits down with an organization or individual in our community each month to spotlight the work they do to create real and lasting change for a more equitable Spokane.

August’s Spotlight highlights the first BIPOC art festival, The Root Experience, that centers creatives of color.


Pathways Forward

Pathways Forward is a free, virtual, educational, roundtable discussion series designed to pave a path forward by engaging the community in conversations with local experts, leaders, and YWCA staff members.

With our Pathways Forward discussions we work to engage the community in learning about current issues affecting our work and mission, and empower everyone to make change.


YWCA RSJ Facebook Group

We have celebrated and mourned together through an intense period of growth and tragedy in our communities. Racial and social justice has come to the forefront after many abuses from various systems have been brought to light in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death. Text: "In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist." Angela Y. Davis

YWCA Spokane hopes this RSJ Group is the start of many courageous conversations. We hope that many will participate with us on this journey of personal growth and community development by sharing resources and having discussions.

To join, find the group on Facebook at New members will be required to answer a couple short questions about their RSJ interests and will also need to agree to group rules about respectful discussion in order to create and maintain a safe space. We hope you’ll join us in crafting this vision of love and care for the Spokane community.


Take Action: Racial Justice | Courageous Conversations | Events | Learn With Us | RSJ Partners | AdvocateResources | Support This Work