Creating a safer community by building skills, providing tools and education to adolescents about healthy relationships.

One in three high school students experience either physical or sexual violence, or both, that is perpetrated by someone they are dating or going out with.


  • YWCA Spokane Prevention Team was created with the goal of promoting a culture of respect and nonviolence with adolescent youth.
  • Through 1-on-1 and group interactions we are able to cultivate opportunities to develop healthy relationships while preventing possible violent behaviors.
  • We engage, educate, and empower youth to build up lives and communities free from domestic dating violence by offering safety tools and resources.

Anyone Can Be A Victim

  • Approximately 12% of heterosexual high school boys and girls in the US report having been physically victimized by a partner in the previous year.
  • Approximately 13% of LGBTQ adolescent girls and 9% of adolescent boys report experiencing physical violence by a dating partner.
  • Psychological abuse occurs at even higher rates in adolescents, with approximately 20% of heterosexual students, and 29% of LGBTQ students reporting having been psychologically abused by a partner.

Prevention Programs and Activities

Our team has run a number of prevention programs and activities in the past, with various organizations and group sizes.

Currently, our primary curriculum is Y3.

Y3 YWCA Teens for Healthy Relationships, Empowerment, and Equality

Y3 was created by the YWCA Spokane’s Prevention team to engage teens and young adults in important conversations about violence prevention, healthy relationships, leadership skills, and cultural and social influences on behavior and development. Our Y3 curriculum focuses on promoting positive community impact and building healthy relationships. Between 2018 and 2020, Y3 has been successfully implemented at Rogers High School, Lewis and Clark High School, North Central High School and Medical Lake High School.

This curriculum and similar programs and activities have been successful in the past at the following groups and organizations.

  • Rogers Mini Group – At Rogers High School, the Prevention Team facilitated a mini group with female students who have been identified by staff and counselors. Over a three week span, the mini group explores a variety of topics related to healthy relationships.
  • The Bridge-Healthy Relationships 101 – The Bridge is a transitional housing center for 18 to 24-year-olds who may have previously been homeless. There, the Prevention Team taught bi-weekly healthy relationships group where they focus on the definition of intimate partner domestic violence, red flags to be aware of, what you should look for in a partner, and how to build healthy relationships.
  • ECEAP Parents – ECEAP is a free comprehensive preschool program for high needs three and four year old children from families living at or below 110% of the Federal Poverty Level. The Prevention Team met with parents of ECEAP students once a month during a three month period of time to discuss boundaries and consent, gender stereotypes, and healthy relationships. These discussions prepare parents to address these topics and empower their toddlers in these areas, as appropriate. The groups were facilitated at the Downtown, Medical Lake, and West Plains ECEAP locations.
  • Crosswalk – At Crosswalk, a shelter for homeless and runaway youth, our Youth Advocate connects with kids about healthy relationships during lunch on Tuesdays. There, our Youth Advocate also taught sessions on emotional self-care in conjunction with Crosswalk’s Life Skills Class.
  • Alexandria House – Alexandria House is a transitional living facility for young moms ages 14-24. The Prevention Team connects with these young moms in bi-weekly meetings where they discuss healthy relationships and all that entails.
  • GraceSon Housing Foundation – GraceSon is a transitional living facility for teen moms between the ages of 14-18 years old. The Prevention Team connects with these young moms in bi-weekly meetings where they discuss healthy relationships and all that entails.

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