Before You Leave Checklist

Review the below checklist and be prepared to leave at a moments notice. Consider calling our domestic violence helpline with any questions or concerns that you may have: 509-326-CALL(2255).

___ Drivers license
___ Children’s birth certificates
___ Your birth certificate
___ Social security cards
___ School and medical records

___ Money and/or credit cards
___ Bankbooks
___ Checkbooks
___ Safety deposit box key

Legal Papers
___ Your protection order
___ Lease, rental agreement, house deed, etc
___ Car registration & insurance papers
___ Work permits/Green Card/Visa
___ Passport
___ Divorce papers
___ Custody papers
___ Immunization records

___ House and car keys
___ Medications for you and your children
___ Jewelry
___ Address book
___ Phone card
___ Pictures
___ Children’s small/favorite toys
___ Toiletries/diapers
___ Change of clothing for you and your children