Call 509.789.9297 to speak with our friendly support staff.

The YWCA Spokane Alternatives to Domestic Violence program’s counseling office provides domestic violence survivors and their children with individualized support and therapeutic counseling. Each year we work to support over 4000 women and children move through domestic violence.

Whether you are in a relationship that you think might be abusive, are trying to make things work, or have left your relationship, a counselor/advocate can help you make sense of your feelings and decide what you want to do.

We offer confidential appointments to talk about your situation, obtain education and information about domestic intimate partner violence, discuss safety planning and find out about community services and resources. We also offer LGBTQ affirming counseling and maintain awareness and competency of issues surrounding intimate partner violence in LGBTQ relationships. We believe that with enough support and encouragement, you can be free to make your own choices.

The counseling center also offers weekly support groups. A support group is simply a safe place to talk to other women who have experienced abuse in their relationships.

Many survivors feel for the first time that they are not alone and discover that there are others who share their feelings. In groups you are able to discuss and get support from other women on your experience with domestic violence. Our groups offer childcare with registration.

To make an appointment, please call: (509) 789-9297.


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