~ YWCA Services During COVID-19 ~

In addition to our safe shelter and hotline services for survivors of domestic violence, many of YWCA Spokane’s services are available to the community via phone, email, video, and through in-person services. During the phased reopening, we will continue to provide services in every way possible. In accordance with the Spokane Regional Health District’s guidelines, measures have been implemented for the safety of our staff and clients. To learn more about how to access critical services during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our regularly updated list of services available here. Thank you!

Service Updates During COVID-19

Our Sister’s Closet services

about services

Our Sister’s Closet is a free, donation-based clothing boutique serving women in transition, whether they are going to work, school, court, or looking for employment. Our Sister’s Closet helps hundreds of women each year as they prepare for their life and career goals by providing confidence through clothing and other necessities in one-on-one appointments in our donation-based clothing boutique.

“Our Sister’s Closet has abundantly blessed my life with goods that are gently used, it’s boosted my confidence and let me look and feel amazing. Half my wardrobe is from the rack, and it helps me feel equipped to be in the world.”- YWCA Spokane Client

Our Sister’s Closet offers free, 90 minute one-on-one appointments which are focused on outfitting a woman with the appropriate clothing to help her feel beautiful, to boost her confidence, and help her get ready to achieve set goals. On average, women receive between 3 to 5 outfits, plus shoes, makeup, accessories, and personal hygiene products. In addition to offering one-on-one appointments, Our Sister’s Closet provides Care Packages, which can be requested for those with urgent clothing and hygiene needs by an advocate or other social service professional.

How to Access Services

For urgent clothing and hygiene needs, you may speak with any YWCA Spokane staff member about requesting a Care Package.

Starting on July 6th 2021, Our Sister’s Closet will begin offering one-on-one appointments again, available on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Face masks will be required for clients and staff during one-on-one appointments. 

Beginning on Friday July 2nd, women interested in scheduling a one-on-one appointment in Our Sister’s Closet may call 509-326-1190 on Friday mornings between 9 am and noon to schedule an appointment for the following week. Due to our limited capacity, appointment request calls received outside of the 9 am-noon time frame on Friday mornings will not be returned. 

YWCA Spokane offers free child care through Safe Haven for women who have appointments in Our Sister’s Closet to help mothers have a more individualized, uninterrupted experience. At this time, Safe Haven services require an appointment. If you are in need of child care during your one-on-one appointment in Our Sister’s Closet, please communicate this when scheduling your one-on-one appointment so a reservation in Safe Haven can be made.

Help our sister’s closet

How and What to Donate

General Our Sister’s Closet Donations: Starting on June 8th 2021, Our Sister’s Closet will be accepting general donations from the community again, one day per week. Each week, on Tuesdays from 9 am – 5 pm, our staff will be able to receive donations for Our Sister’s Closet. Donations may be delivered in person to our front desk located at 930 N Monroe St. on Tuesdays between 9 am and 5 pm. We are unable to accept or receive donations on any day of the week other than Tuesday. There is also an option to give through Amazon by purchasing items on our wishlist and having them delivered directly to us.

When giving a general donation to Our Sister’s Closet, please reference this Donation Guide, which outlines items that we are in need of and items we are unable to accept. If you are interested in donating an item that we are unable to accept within Our Sister’s Closet, please consider donating to one of our nonprofit community partners. Our staff can provide a list of nonprofit community partners who accept donations, upon request.

Agency Sponsored Donation Drives: To help meet needs expressed by clients, Our Sister’s Closet is requesting specific items through agency sponsored donation drives at scheduled intervals throughout the year. Details about items requested are below.

  • May 2021: New panties
  • July 2021: New bras
  • September 2021: New socks
  • November 2021: New & gently used coats
  • January 2022: New toiletries (deodorant, shaving supplies, full sized shampoos/conditioner)

Donations from our agency sponsored donation drives may be delivered in the same way as general donations, in person to our front desk located at 930 N Monroe St. on Tuesdays between 9 am and 5 pm. We are unable to accept or receive donations on any day of the week other than Tuesday. There is also an option to give through Amazon by purchasing items on our wishlist and having them delivered directly to us.

Donating Best Practices:

  • Before giving, please ensure all pockets or purses have been emptied.
  • Consider focusing on providing donations that are in good condition but are no longer a fit for you.
  • Please refrain from donating items that are torn, stained, broken or in a damaged state of any kind.
  • Please refrain from donating used bathroom products, used makeup, or used underwear, as they cannot be redistributed due to sanitary reasons.
  • Learn more about best practices when donating to Our Sister’s Closet by reviewing this Donation Guide.


Host Your OWn Clothing and necessities Drive

Help Our Sister’s Closet by organizing your own clothing or necessity drive for a particular item or set of items.

Orgainizing your own Donation Drive in 3 Easy Steps: 

      1. Let us know about your drive. We can advertise your drive on our social media, inform you of our current needs, and schedule a time to receive donations. We can even guide you in hosting a digital drive on your own social media. Please connect at oursisterscloset@ywcaspokane.org.  
      2. Call on your community. Are you part of a book club or church group? Work in an office? Want to do something fun and different for your birthday or other important life events? Gather and inform your group to help and let them spread the word!
      3. Focus your efforts by deciding what you want to donate. The following items are great for drives:
        • Bras and panties (Bras can be used, panties must be new in packaging)
        • Hygiene items such as full sized shampoos & conditioners, deodorant, dental care products etc.
        • Leggings or socks (Leggings can be used, socks must be new in packaging)
        • Jeans

Volunteering in Our Sister’s Closet

OSC Hanna Edens_YWCA_BIO (1)Our Sister’s Closet would not be possible without the continuing support of volunteers. We are a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, where volunteers do a variety of tasks from sorting the donations we receive, answering phone calls, being personal stylists in appointments, and light data entry. Volunteering time to help women find clothing and other items to help them in a time of transition is a tremendously rewarding experience.

Skills of an ideal Our Sister’s Closet Volunteer:

      • Excellent time management, able to complete a variety of tasks
      • Able to work by themselves and well with others
      • Knowledgeable about appropriate clothing fit and styling
      • Curating the store, able to select clothing that is modern, versatile and functional
      • Greets customers with warmth, able to assist in appointments, is proactive by pulling items for clients, asks informed questions regarding fit and style of items
      • Basic Microsoft Office skills, proficiency with chrome and Google programs a plus
      • Able to adapt to a constantly changing environment, flexible and likes meeting new people
      • Self-directed
      • Background/past experience in fashion merchandising, retail, interior design, customer service would be a plus.


Group Volunteering

Group volunteering is a great way to have fun with friends and colleagues while doing good in our community! If your organization offers paid volunteer time or you want to gather friends for a fun service project, consider signing up for a group sorting party. We offer one-time, volunteer events for groups of 5-10 people to help sort donations. To organize a group volunteering event, please contact Teresa Dixon at: teresad@ywcaspokane.org.