Free On-Site Childcare

Free, onsite childcare for YWCA clients

At YWCA Spokane, we believe childcare should never prevent a person from receiving the help they need.

Free on-site childcare services are available for YWCA Spokane participants utilizing our legal services or counseling, are attending an Our Sister’s Closet appointment, or are engaged with Essentials or Women to Work classes and workshops.

This facility supports 39 children on a monthly average and is open from 8:30am – 12:00pm and 12:30pm – 4:30pm, Monday-Thursday. Infants and children up to 12 years old can be accommodated at the center. Parents dropping their children off at the center must remain in the YWCA building.

Situated on the first floor next to YWCA Spokane ECEAP and the YMCA of Spokane’s Early Child Care Center, our Drop-in Child Care Center provides high quality, caring experience for the children of YWCA Spokane clients. This, in turn, allows moms to focus their energies on regaining their freedom and self-sufficiency. Women accessing Center services are living in poverty, unemployed, victims of domestic violence, or a combination of these. 

Child-care activities include educational opportunities for children to gain knowledge and skills (story time, art, music, etc.) Nutritious snacks are included with parent approval, and the YWCA provides books, art supplies, and educational toys for mothers to take home with them.

All services and materials are provided free of charge. Contact the free on-site Child Care Services at 509-326-1190.

Why drop-in?

YWCA Spokane’s Drop-in Child Care Center was piloted in 2011 in response to clients expressing a need for childcare and demonstrating that without childcare options too many were unable to access services. According to client surveys, accessible and affordable childcare was the most significant barrier for women seeking domestic violence and job-readiness services. The Drop-In Childcare Center was designed to provide free, on-site childcare for these primary target populations.

Of the moms who utilize our Drop-In Childcare services, approximately 90% make less than 30% of Spokane’s median family income. Approximately three-quarters are unemployed and about half are homeless. In addition, approximately 80% of children have been exposed to domestic violence and 90% of women utilizing the Center are single mothers. To augment their incomes, they rely on aid such as Food Stamps and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

Drop-In Childcare is designed as one component of a comprehensive program to assist vulnerable families that need services but may not be in a position to ensure childcare. It provides YWCA Spokane clients with a free, safe, and nurturing place to leave their children while they attend to critical, life-changing issues.

Currently, our Drop-In Childcare services support an average of 100 children each month. This program allows children to learn new skills, eat nutritious food, and have fun; while also allowing their mothers to escape intimate partner domestic violence, homelessness, and unemployment.

YWCA Spokane’s program ensures that mothers are in close proximity to their children, which is a significant concern, especially for women who are fleeing domestic violence. By providing this service, YWCA Spokane is addressing a key need, namely accessible, free childcare with on-site services for mothers who are trying to escape domestic violence and/or achieve economic stability.

Thank you for supporting YWCA’s Drop-in Childcare!

It is often difficult to find grant funding to support drop-in childcare support for clients. Thank you so much for any support you can give to support this program and others that focus on the care of young people in our community.

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