June 2, 2021

Local Experts and YWCA Spokane Chart Pathways Forward for Kids and Caregivers

Thank you to everyone who joined us for YWCA Spokane’s Pathways Forward roundtable event.

This year, YWCA Spokane launched our new Pathways Forward series to begin having progress-minded conversations as we enter the post-pandemic world. Our July discussion focused on the trauma experienced by kids and caregivers in our community. From interruptions to schooling to missed significant life events or even changes in routine, the last year and a half has taken a toll on kid’s and caregiver’s mental health.

In a panel moderated by YWCA Spokane CEO, Jeanette Hauck, our panelists offered possible solutions for caregivers, educators, and others to consider as we explore what our post-pandemic lives will look like.

Key Takeaways and Resources

Support Kids and Caregivers Financially and Through Advocacy
Resources for Youth, Kids, and Families at YWCA Spokane
Resources for Youth, Kids, and Families Suggested by YWCA Spokane Staff

Thank you, Panelists!

Thank you to Toni, Freda, Joel and Shannon for sharing their wisdom with us throughout the roundtable. Your expertise was invaluable as we kick off this educational series.

Thank you, Sponsors and Mission Partners!

This educational series would not be possible without the support of our valued 2021 Mission Partners: Kalispel Tribe of Indians, MultiCare, Numerica Credit Union, Providence Health Care, and Hamilton Studio; our 2021 Freedom Partners: Northwest Farm Credit Services, Inland Imaging, and Garco Construction; and our event sponsor for this month’s Pathways Forward discussion: Horizon Credit Union.

If your organization would like to make an incredible impact in Spokane this year, consider joining YWCA Spokane as a 2021 Corporate Partner.

What’s Next

Join Us as an Impact Partner

YWCA Spokane is able to support kids and caregivers thanks in part to generous community members who give sustaining gifts every month. These gifts provide our teams with funding that is flexible enough to meet any kind of need, not just ones covered by grants or other forms of support.

Can you step up and join our community of Impact Partners with a sustaining gift of $15, $30, or $50 every month?

Make your impact 

Register for the next Pathways Forward on Oct. 28

Our third and final Pathways Forward roundtable for 2021 will focus on the important topic of domestic violence awareness & action in our community.

This progress-minded conversation will be held during Domestic Violence Action Month.


By: Andrew Goodwin

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