The Family Justice Center

A Victim Friendly Wrap Around Approach To Serving Victims of Domestic Violence

Established in February 2015, YWCA Spokane Is Proud To Serve As Host Site For The Family Justice Center

Family Justice Center at YWCA SpokaneHoused in YWCA Spokane’s main office location downtown, the Family Justice Center became the new home of five partner agencies which make up the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Team including YWCA Spokane legal advocates, City and County law enforcement, and prosecutors.

For the past twelve years this coalition has worked together to help victims of domestic violence in Spokane. The team was formed with the goal of providing coordinated services to victims of family violence and now these services are co-located in a victim centered environment at the YWCA.

The Family Justice Center, identified as a national best practices approach to Domestic Violence intervention and prevention, is an important step forward in the Spokane community’s commitment to protect the safety of Domestic Violence victims, hold Domestic Violence offenders accountable and reduce incidents of Domestic Violence in Spokane.

A Safe Space

The collective partners recognized an opportunity to increase the feeling of safety and comfort of the victims we serve. Survivors of domestic violence often have discomfort or fear around walking into a police department or walking into the prosecutor’s office. The co-location of these offices at YWCA Spokane’s trauma sensitive location, reduces the anxiety and leads to increased rates of victim cooperation.

Leaving an abusive relationship can involve everything from obtaining a protection order, to finding employment, or establishing a new place to live. Now victims of domestic violence in Spokane have a warm, family friendly center to get the help they need.

Recently, our the Family Justice Center remodeled their interview room to provide a trauma-informed space to survivors of domestic violence. Read about the remodel and see photos of the new interview room here.

Trauma-Informed Interview Room

The core concept of the Family Justice Center model is to provide one victim friendly location where survivors can go to talk to an advocate, plan for their safety, interview with a police officer, meet with a prosecutor, receive information on shelter, counseling and job readiness services and receive free child care while they are on-site accessing services. The legal advocates ensure that victims have a team of professionals to assist them in safely breaking the cycle of violence. The goal is to help victims move from what often is the most traumatic moment in their lives to hope, healing, safety, and stability.