You have the potential to do something extraordinary, and be forever remembered for the legacy you left behind.

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Creating A Lifeline Together

YWCA Spokane’s Legacy Circle recognizes individuals who plan to make future gifts through their estates.

Members of the YWCA Legacy Circle share a strong common bond of generosity and visionary leadership, supporting YWCA Spokane’s lifeline of critical programs and services for women and children impacted by domestic violence, homelessness, and unemployment.

We welcome the opportunity to recognize those who are helping to make the future of those we serve possible.

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Making The Future Possible

As a member of the YWCA Legacy Circle, you will receive a personalized welcome package, commemorative pin, periodic news updates, and invitations to special events.

To become a member of YWCA Legacy Circle, simply notify YWCA Spokane’s development office of your intentions. Contact information is provided below. We can provide sample bequest language for inclusion in your will or trust, or otherwise assist you with a plan that meets your philanthropic and financial goals.

Optional benefits of membership include the listing of your name on the official YWCA Legacy Circle honor roll, which may be published from time to time in connection with special events and publications. In addition, members will also have their name displayed on an honorary plaque welcoming friends as they enter our facility. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we are happy to honor your wishes.

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Leaving A Gift Is Easy

Bequests from a will or trust are the most common way to leave a gift to YWCA Spokane. Some people set aside a certain dollar amount. Others leave a percentage of the estate or assets left over after providing for their family. Others have made YWCA Spokane the beneficiary of 401K/IRA plans or insurance policies, or have established a Charitable Gift Annuity or a Charitable Remainder Trust to the Association.

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A will isn’t just a list of who gets your stuff—it’s a reflection of your life. It reveals who and what matters most to you and ensures your legacy reflects what makes you you.

Where Are You With Your Will Planning?

1. I don’t have a will.
A will is the most important estate planning document an adult can have, no matter your age, marital status or income. If you have children, own property or have possessions, you need a will. Without one, the state in which you reside will determine how your assets are divided. Plus, having a will saves your loved ones money and heartache in the long run.

2. I’m ready to create my will.
Great! You’ve taken the first step to create a secure future. Next, work with an estate planning attorney to get started. Together, you’ll:

  • Compile a list of your assets and determine who will receive them.
  • Select an executor or personal representative.
  • Name guardians for any children or dependents under your care.

3. I have a will but want to update it.
Good idea. You can consult with your estate planning attorney about changing your will whenever you want. Plus, it’s always a good idea to review your will and other estate plans regularly to ensure they reflect any life changes you’ve experienced. These events should trigger a review of your plans:

  • New marriage
  • Birth of a child
  • Changes in tax law
  • A desire to make a gift to YWCA Spokane

Create your free will today

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Discover A New Use For Your Retirement Plan Assets

“What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” Though poignant, that line from the acclaimed musical Hamilton isn’t entirely accurate.

As you consider your legacy, you can see the garden. You see the great things the people and causes you care about are doing now—and the great things they could do in the future.

Make the biggest difference possible. It’s your goal and YWCA Spokane’s. That means getting the most value out of your assets, including your hard-earned retirement savings and investments.

Did You Know? As much as 37 percent of your retirement plan assets can be consumed by income taxes after your lifetime when passed to loved ones. Instead, pass them to YWCA Spokane tax-free, allowing us to put 100 percent of the funds to work supporting our mission, and you to leave lesser-taxed assets to family.

Here Are The Simple Steps:
  1. Contact the administrator of your retirement plan and request a change-of-beneficiary form, or simply download a form from your provider’s website.
  2. Decide what percentage of the account you wish to give to YWCA Spokane and name us, along with the stated percentage, on the beneficiary form. Return the form to your plan administrator.
  3. Tell us about your gift! It would be our honor to thank you for your support. Plus, your generosity can inspire others to follow your example.
Your Legacy Begins Here

We can help you start creating your legacy at YWCA Spokane. To learn more about using your retirement plan assets to make a lasting impact, contact Dana Morris Lee at

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Whether you’re caring for children, aging parents or both, priorities can be stretched thin. And between living expenses, school fees and saving for the future, you may find yourself putting your philanthropic goals on the back burner.

At least for now.

Though a gift that supports the organizations you care about, such as YWCA Spokane, may not be part of your plan today, you can still help advance our mission tomorrow. How? By including YWCA Spokane in your will or living trust.

A Family-Friendly Gift

A gift in your will to YWCA Spokane is easy to make—all it takes is one sentence. And because the gift doesn’t occur until after your lifetime, it doesn’t affect your current budget. You can also change your mind at any time, making it easy to ensure your gift always aligns with your life circumstances.

By remembering YWCA Spokane in your will or trust, you ensure that your family members have the resources they need now, while helping YWCA Spokane plan for the future with confidence. Plus, you gain the satisfaction of knowing you’ve realized your philanthropic goals.

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YWCA Spokane’s Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle members Ina Johnston and Harriet Fix

We are deeply grateful for our YWCA Spokane Legacy Circle. Together we celebrate and remember the following special friends of the YWCA for their planned giving, lasting legacy, and heartfelt support.

  • Maeve Aeolus
  • Mary Alberts
  • Steve Argule
  • Christine Bassett
  • Dennis Bernard
  • Harriet Brakke
  • Shirley Elaine Brendel
  • Virginia Brown
  • Lorna Carroll
  • Opal E Coates
  • Helen Colville
  • Harriett Fix
  • Rose Barbara Gibbs Skinner
  • Charlotte Grymonprez
  • Karen Harwood
  • Keziah Haynes
  • Jim Hiller
  • Margaret Hopkins
  • Helene Ingraham
  • Ina Johnston
  • Linda Kedzora
  • Robert & Jean Kendall
  • Lois Kester
  • Sherry Knott
  • Elaine Linden
  • Mary Louise Howard
  • Marie Marx Strohm
  • Jean McReynolds
  • Jamie & Kimberly Millet
  • Dorothy Pattee
  • Marian Pearson
  • Pearl Marie Platz
  • Dolly Richendifer
  • Barbara Rutherford
  • Christina Simonsen
  • Diane Thoren
  • Susan Virnig
  • Elizabeth Welty
  • Caryl White
  • Lillian Whitehouse Lyle
  • Conrad Wold
  • Merald Yingst

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