March 12, 2021

Therapy Team Launches Mindful Moment Series

YWCA Spokane’s Mental Health Therapy team has launched “Mindful Moment,” a series of videos to help listeners relax and calm themselves.

“Mindful Moment is to help us find a few moments of peace throughout our day,” explains Melva Moore, director of Mental Health Therapy. Having these moments to ground ourselves helps us to go out into the world and deal with whatever we need to.

While the Mental Health Therapy team created the series with clients in mind, anyone can access the videos and use the techniques. These videos can help us wind down and relax at night before bed, create a morning ritual to set intentions for the day, and be used any time we’re experiencing high anxiety. The benefits of mindfulness include reduced stress & anxiety and improved focus.

Mindfulness and meditation can make it easier to notice what we’re feeling. Sometimes we find ourselves on autopilot where we separate ourselves from our bodies and we’re operating without really feeling or knowing what we’re doing. Mindfulness brings our awareness back to our own bodies.

Melva describes mindfulness as a tool, something we all have and we can all practice to help calm ourselves. As a mental health therapist, Melva’s work includes “Helping someone know that they have the tools themselves.”

This series of guided meditations and relaxation techniques seeks to empower viewers to practice mindfulness in small, impactful moments.

You can find the videos on our YouTube channel and website.


If you have any questions about our therapy or advocacy programs, please call the front desk at 509-326-1190.

By: Jemma Riedel-Johnson

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