May 24, 2017

Nevertheless She Persisted

Natalie Bancroft

YWCA Spokane thrives because of the giving nature of community members looking to make a difference. Meet Natalie Bancroft, a Spokane photographer who owns Natalie Bee Photography, and provides physical and emotional support as a Doula.

Usually, her lens is pointed toward expecting mothers or newborn, wrinkly-faced babies, but recently Natalie set aside her camera in order to make a different contribution. She—along with seven like-minded friends—headed to Feel Good Ink, a tattoo and piercing establishment mortared in Spokane Valley.

They decided to get a tattoo that read, “Nevertheless, she persisted,” a phrase relating to women’s persistence in breaking barriers, despite being silenced or ignored which emerged as a source of inspiration after Senator Elizabeth Warren, whose attempted silencing by the United States Senate inspired women everywhere to stand up and assert their right to be heard. While the location and font of the tattoo vary by woman, the thought was the same: do something more to help silenced voices right in our own community.

Each woman donated $100 to YWCA Spokane, together making a financial contribution of $800!

They each have been impacted by domestic violence, whether through personal experience or by hearing accounts of friends or relatives, and their donations to our agency will support the work we do with domestic violence survivors.

A heartfelt thank you to Natalie and her friends!

Photography provided by Natalie Bee Photography.

– Content contribution by Kayla Newton, YWCA Spokane Social Media Volunteer

By: Erica Schreiber

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