Thank You MultiCare

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YWCA Spokane Is Proud To Announce Multicare As A 2020 Mission Partner.

Mission Partners of YWCA Spokane are committed to bringing peace, justice, freedom, and dignity to our Spokane community, creating a foundation that allows for real and lasting change every day. Together, we will work to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families and strengthen our community.

As a Mission Partner, Multicare is committed to the investment of a significant 3-year contribution that provides a lifeline for women and children in Spokane through our work at YWCA Spokane. This critical financial support bridges the gap between the expenses we incur while serving clients and the grants we receive from state, local, and private parties.

Domestic Violence And Emergency Care

YWCA Spokane and Multicare are working together to support the health and wellness of the communities we serve by developing intimate partner violence screening policies within their emergency care facilities. Through this partnership, care providers are able to walk through a screening protocol, developed by YWCA Spokane, to help identify whether a patient is potentially in a life threatening abusive relationship.

If a victim of relationship abuse is identified, the patient is provided with confidential options to connect with a YWCA Spokane domestic violence advocate. Options include a mobile advocate coming to the hospital to meet directly with the victim, talking on the phone with an advocate while at the hospital, or encouraging the patience to contact our advocacy team at a time they prefer.

MultiCare is a not-for-profit health care organization who’s mission is to partner with the community for healing and a healthy future. Their values of respect, integrity, stewardship, excellence, collaboration, and kindness align with the work and mission of YWCA Spokane. The power of our combined efforts will exceed what we can accomplish individually. We are deeply grateful for this new partnership and look forward to the future as we continue to grow our ability to better serve women, children, and families in Spokane.

YWCA Spokane Mission Partners

YWCA Spokane’s Mission Partners are invested leaders who embody our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women and clearly understand the importance of it. Their commitment and dedication bring the promise of support and hope for those struggling with poverty, trauma, homelessness, and despair. With this help, we harvest the potential to build upon our accomplishments from the past and grow the health and sustainability of our critical programs well into the future.

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