August 24, 2018

Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast 2018

YWCA Spokane Announces Award Recipients For Our 2018 Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast

YWCA Domestic Violence Advocates & Law Enforcement Partners, Photo by “Hooked on Photography by Nicole”

YWCA Spokane held their 5th annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast on Thursday Aug 23th, 2018 to honor local officers and detectives who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to improve the lives of domestic violence survivors.

YWCA Spokane staff, law enforcement, and the honoreeÕs friends and family joined together to celebrate the accomplishments of this yearÕs award winners. Each award is presented in recognition of the professionalism and compassion demonstrated by law enforcement that has had a positive and lasting impact on the lives of survivors of domestic violence.

2018 Award Honorees

  • Officer Todd Brownlee
  • Officer Sam Chimienti
  • Detective Mike McNees
  • Deputy Darrin Powers
  • Deputy Greg Snyder
  • Officer Shawn Tylock
  • 2nd Annual Jackie Bell Award Recipient, Detective Mike Ricketts

About The Jackie Bell Award

After the untimely passing of YWCA Spokane Legal Advocate, Jackie Bell, in 2017, staff chose to commemorate her contributions to our community, agency, and clients by establishing an annual ÒJackie Bell AwardÓ. This award acknowledges an individual within the domestic violence and law enforcement community who embodies the vision, compassion, creativity, and community spirit that Jackie instilled within her work and life. This year, YWCA Spokane had the proud honor of presenting the second annual Jackie Bell award to Detective Mike Ricketts.

ÒYou will be hard-pressed to find someone who cares so intensely for every single domestic violence survivor, regardless of their position, class, or creed,Ó says Jenna Bolus YWCA Spokane Legal Attorney who presented the award. ÒMike will always go above and beyond, thatÕs just his way- and he is so kind and so respectful with every client.Ó


YWCA Spokane would like to express sincere gratitude to staff members, law enforcement, volunteers, and to valued sponsors who are making this event possible:ÊHello SugarIndaba Coffee RoastersCouple of Chefs Catering, andÊEvent Rents.

Thank you to Jonathan Glover and Dan Pelle with the Spokesman-Review for covering this celebration.ÊÊView their article here.Ê Thank you to Hooked on Photography by Nicole for capturing photos of this year’s celebration.

Community Coming Together

For 115 years, YWCA Spokane has been helping women and childrenÊovercome social, economic, andÊpersonal barriers in order to accomplishÊtheir goals and achieve healthier andÊmore fulfilling lives.

Reducing family trauma has beenÊselected as SpokaneÕs top community concern. YWCA SpokaneÊcollaboratesÊwith community organizations andÊlocal, state, and federal governmentÊagencies and programs in order toÊeducate our community andÊcreate a climate of accountability.

We must come together toÊaddress this issue which affects ourÊfamilies, our community, and ourÊeconomic health.ÊTogether with our community partners,Êwe are able to disrupt longstandingÊsocietal patterns of trauma. ThankÊyou to local law enforcement forÊjoining us on this mission.

If you or your organization would like to Join YWCA Spokane on our mission to End The Silence with domestic violence, please contact Nicole Nimens, Community Educator and Outreach Coordinator, at to learn more.


By: Erica Schreiber

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