June 7, 2016

Joanna’s Experience In the Women To Work Program

This letter is to thank the Women to Work program for their constant support, information, and positive light.

woman-1086143_bwAs I struggle with age, PTSD, (with a side dish of anxiety), and trying to stay steadily employed; you have made a calm place for me. Your space at the YWCA has allowed me to do job search, perfect paperwork, have a snack, brainstorm ideas for employment, and has actually led me to a place that encourages me to submit for a job (that I found out about through your Women to Work Job Club presentations).

I started coming here, when I was really struggling and living on the west side of Spokane. It was when the YWCA first opened. It felt safe, but also felt like a process. It has grown into so much more!

I have witnessed the one-on-one personal attention that you provide the women who come here. I have personally seen your staff work with three clients at a time. Rotating time and making sure that each one gets the attention they need for their resume and job searching. You didn’t miss a beat to help us! We all got what we needed.

You have a special staff member, Chris, who is a Superwoman. She is nurturing, personable, awesome! She is doing a great job!

Thank you for making a fantastic place for women to be. Thank you for helping me get a job! I will always feel that I owe you for that one. I hope I can be there for you as you always are for me. You really are the BEST.

Thank you from my whole being.

Joanna, YWCA Spokane Women to Work Participant

By: Erica Schreiber

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