November 5, 2021

We Made an Impact: DVAM 2021

Your support during Domestic Violence Action Month helped us raise $34,890 towards our $50,000 goal!

Although we didn’t quite reach our goal, we’re confident that with the help of the incredible Spokane community we’ll be able to close our 2021 funding gap before the end of this year, and you have made a huge impact in helping us get there.

We want you to know how deeply we appreciate your choice to support women, families, and domestic violence survivors in our community. The depth of our appreciation comes from the fact that we have the opportunity to see the impact of your gift on real lives, every single day.

We want to share that perspective with you.

Here are just a few examples of some of the lives you helped change this month:


  • Who found her way to the YWCA earlier this month directly after surviving a physical and sexual assault. Too injured and traumatized to report her perpetrator at the time, YWCA staff were able to help her to the hospital and provide her the support she needed to report the crime.


  • Who left a dangerous relationship months ago to live in our emergency safe shelter and just signed a lease on her very first apartment with the help of our YWCA mobile housing advocates. She is excited to live independently for the first time in her life.


  • Who is realizing her incredible value and self-worth, accessing affordable housing support, and finding a new job that will accommodate her disability, after fleeing an abuse situation in California 4 months ago.

Lauren said, 

 “The Y advocates were a light in the dark. I really had no idea what resources were available or if I would qualify…My abuse situation left me feeling like I had very little value. The Y advocates helped me remember that I have a lot to offer and that I am worth helping. These things are probably of greatest value.
I never thought I would be in this position of incredible need. You can’t always foresee what direction your life will take. Thank goodness for the YWCA program.” 

These women are just a handful of the thousands we are able to support every year, thanks to your incredible generosity. Thank you!

Take Action Beyond October

Step into action by attending an upcoming Domestic Violence 101 Training on November 8th, 11th, 16th, or 19th!

The training is free and open to the public. Learn more about intimate partner domestic violence, how to help a friend, and about YWCA’s free and confidential services.

Register now

In Case You Missed It!

Below are several opportunities we released throughout October to help make a difference with domestic violence in our community.

  • Chalk Walk: We let survivors know they weren’t allow through our public chalk walk in downtown Spokane
  • YW Table Talk: We talked with the business community about what they could do in their workplaces to make a difference
  • Makayla’s Story: We shared a powerful story of a local survivor who moved from surviving to thriving,
  • Pathways Forward: We took a deeper look at what each of us can do to step into action through our Pathways Forward discussion with local experts
  • DV Educational Series: We also offered a free educational series that explored intimate partner domestic violence and how YWCA Spokane offers trauma-informed services designed to lift up survivors as they move towards safety and a better tomorrow.

Special Thanks To Our Key Partners

YWCA Spokane Mission Partners
Domestic Violence Action Month Partners
Organizations Shining A Light

If you would like to partner with YWCA Spokane as a sponsor of Domestic Violence Action Month next year, please contact Briana Berner at or call 509-953-5992.

DVAM 2021:  Chalk Walk | YW Table Talk | Survive To Thrive | Pathways Forward | Business Call To Action | Donate

By: Briana

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