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Join The GOOD GUYS And Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence



A new group of Spokane men have coalesced to help the YWCA Spokane combat domestic violence in our community.

Co-founders and long-time YWCA supporters, Doug Kelley of Avista and Manny Hochheimer of Numerica Credit Union, joined together with the YWCA to create a collaborative effort of support called the GOOD GUYS. “Our Good Guys group started with an idea in 2015, when I was challenged to put together a men’s table for the YWCA’s largest fundraiser of the year, the Women of Achievement awards luncheon,” says Kelley. “As I learned more about how domestic violence is impacting our community and the criticality of the YWCA’s work, I knew we had to do more.”

In 2016, the GOOD GUYS Leaders, Kelley and Hochheimer brought together 100 men who pledge to support the GOOD GUYS efforts by attending the 34th annual Women of Achievement Impact Luncheon. It was a powerful show of support for a detrimental issue in our community. As a result, several additional men have now reached out to join the Good Guys movement!

“We want the community to know that the region recognizes and supports the YWCA Spokane’s efforts to end domestic violence”, expresses Hochheimer, “We are looking for men who can help us make a clear and public statement… that domestic violence is not ok and will no longer be accepted.”

One-in-three women and one-in-seven men in Spokane are affected by domestic violence. The GOOD GUYS believe domestic violence is a community issue that requires a community effort. It will take a commitment from ALL of us to make a difference.


Enjoy this new light-hearted video features Hochheimer and Kelley, along with other community leaders, indicating that they “are in” as a supporter of the YWCA and its work to raise awareness about domestic violence and support its victims.

By joining the GOOD GUYS, you will know your commitment helped to make a huge IMPACT and difference in the lives of over 17,000 women, children, and families in our community.


Contact the Good Guys today to learn more about this movement and how you can get involved.

Doug Kelley,,  509.495.4925
Manny Hochheimer, 509.462.6294
Dana Morris,, 509.789.9304


As a part of Domestic Violence Awareness, supporters of the movement wear purple as a visual stand against domestic violence. Why purple? In the United States military, the Purple Heart is presented to those who have been wounded while serving. For survivors of Domestic Violence, who may also be wounded both physically and emotionally, the color is meant to be a symbol of peace, courage, survival, honor and dedication to ending violence. 

Each October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month (now Action Month) is celebrated. It was first observed in 1981 as a national day of unity. It was established by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to ensure that victims know help is

Paint The Town Purple


Nearly 75 percent of Americans personally know someone who has been a victim of domestic violence. In Washington State, the fatality report now shows 68 domestic violence related deaths in 2015.  We must bring greater awareness to this problem and eliminate the stigma that dissuades victims from seeking assistance.

We look forward to growing this community of Spokane men who will no longer stand for domestic violence. Share the GOOD GUYS movement with your friends, co-workers, and family and help us end domestic violence!