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YWCA Spokane is happy to have your join us in whatever ways you can. There are many ways to get involved, whether it be volunteering, attending local events, or helping us spread the word to end the silence on domestic violence. Learn about all the ways you can make a difference below!


Over 230 dedicated community members volunteer 4000 hours of their time, energy, skills, and resources to YWCA Spokane each year by conducting necessity drives, sorting donations, facilitating classes, working in the computer lab, reading to children, participating on committees and helping with events.

Make a difference in your community by volunteering your time and skills at YWCA Spokane. There are many ways you can support women and families, including one-time events, one-on-one program support, ongoing tasks and group projects.

YWCA Spokane utilizes United Ways’s Volunteer Spokane website to manage our volunteer opportunities. Visit Volunteer Spokane today to learn more. 

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For more information about how to get involved please contact 

Host A Domestic Violence Training

Numerica Credit Union recently hosted YWCA Spokane for an Intimate Partner Violence Training. Thank you for having us!

1-3 women in Spokane will have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime. Chances are that you work with, supervise, are friends with, or are related to someone who is experiencing domestic violence. It can be difficult to know what to do and how to response when a domestic violence interaction occurs that could impact your business, you, or your personal network.

Our Education and Outreach Advocate welcomes an opportunity to connect with you and your group to facilitate discussions, provide workshops, or teach classes for your group about intimate partner violence.

We educate businesses, organizations, sports teams, school groups and more how to recognize the signs of intimate partner violence, how to respond in a supportive way when an employee or coworker reveals violence, and how to properly refer people to services for intimate partner violence.

Whether your group includes college classes, church groups, legal teams, medical professionals, or knitting groups, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a safer and healthier community.

For more information please email our Education and Outreach Advocate, Jemma Riedel, at

Host a Training

Speaking engagements

Want your business, education, or social group to know more about YWCA Spokane and how our services support women, children, and families in our community? Want to have a deeper understanding of what your community can do to reduce violence, spread awareness, and get involved? Email our Education and Outreach Advocate, Jemma Riedel, at to learn more.

Outreach Events

Each year, we reach out to almost 3000 community members through tabling events, speaking engagements, and workshops to educate and spread awareness in our community about domestic violence and racial and social justice inequalities.

Visit our Calendar for upcoming events and engagement opportunities. Also, sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and learn more about how you can make an impact in our community.

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YWCA Spokane is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, standing up for social justice, helping families, and strengthening communities.

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