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Centennial Circle is a community of visionary supporters who believe in the important services that we provide at the YWCA Spokane. Each one is a leader who is passionate about empowering women and children in Spokane, eliminating social injustice, and diligent about creating real and lasting change for all.

This dedication to our work will allow us to harvest the potential to build upon past accomplishments and grow the health and sustainability of critical programs well into the future.

1000 Visionary LEADERS

Starting in 2015, we set a Centennial Circle goal to unite 1000 Visionary Leaders in our community together who are passionate to bring peace, justice, freedom and dignity to our community.

our GOAL

Create a legacy of visionary leaders who choose to be:

  • Pioneers in supporting women in need
  • Leaders who want to create safety and empowerment for all families in our community;
  • Trailblazers who see the critical impact their generous investment has on the women and children we serve


To ensure we meet the dynamic needs of families who enter our doors experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, and unemployment, we are seeking 1000 visionary leaders who are committed to a monthly contribution of $84 or more. This generous gift provides a predictable funding source for our programs and allows us to plan ahead knowing we have your support.


Your contribution will help to expand critical programs and creating transformative change for the women and children we serve. With your help, our foundation will be stronger, our reach further, and our impact greater. Through your commitment to women and children in crisis, you will create pathways to safety, stability, and hope.

Learn More

Contact Dana Morris, YWCA Development Director, at 509.789.9304 or email danam@ywcaspokane.org to learn more about how your investment can make a lasting difference.

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