October 30, 2019

Hope for the Holidays 2019

Join Us For YWCA Spokane’s 4th Annual Hope For The Holidays Adopt-A-Family Wishlist Program

Hope For The Holidays 2019 Flyer Inviting Community To Adopt A Family Wishlist This Holiday/

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Thank you for helping to celebrate the spirit of giving by adopting a family’s holiday wishlist this year.

Make this season a little brighter for those we serve who are impacted by domestic violence, homelessness, and unemployment.

To accommodate the different needs of families utilizing services, each department will hold its own drive. Take a moment to learn about each department’s holiday wishlist needs this year.

Contact the program of interest to adopt a family or holiday hope chest this season.

On behalf of our team at YWCA Spokane and those we serve, thank you so much for your support! 

Donation Form

Donation Drop Off Schedule

Holiday donations can be delivered to YWCA Spokane, 930 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201 on the following days:

  • Friday, December 6th, from noon – 3:00pm
  • Saturday, December 7th, from noon -2:00pm
  • Thursday, December 12th, noon – 2:00pm
  • Saturday, December 14th, from noon – 4:00pm

Women’s Opportunity Center

Contact Chris at 509-789-9299  or email chrisc@ywcaspokane.org

Consider adopting a family this year by sponsoring a Hope Chest or Toy Chest for a woman or family enrolled in YWCA’s Women’s Opportunity Center (WOC) services and help brighten their holidays while they work toward securing an economic future for themselves and their children.

Due to the nature of our program, new women start with us each day. To accommodate the needs of our participants and their children during what can be a very difficult time of transition over the holidays, we have created wonderful Hope Chest and Toy Chest wishlists we know will fulfill the holiday wishes of those we serve.

Like families staying at our shelter, those served through the WOC often have left everything behind at a moment’s notice. Thank you so much for helping us providing an empowering holiday season for these families.

Consider empowering a woman to buy her own gifts for her family, by donating a gift card! A gift card allows a mother to experience the joy of picking out personalized items for her children and allow families to make their own special holiday meal.

WOC Contact Information:

To find the Hope Chest & Toy Chest wishlists that speak to your heart, contact Chris at 509-789-9299  or email chrisc@ywcaspokane.org. Thank you!

YWCA Spokane’s Women’s Opportunity Center is a free and welcoming environment where women are invited to work on and achieve their personal and professional goals including preparing for the interview, building skills, networking, developing their resume, and looking for work. In addition, the Center includes a soft skill development program and a clothing boutique to build confidence and capacity. Learn more about services in YWCA Spokane’s Women’s Opportunity Center.

Once A Family Has Been Adopted:
  • Please share with us a photo of you and your group with your gifts!
  • Please donate all gifts unwrapped.
  • Feel good knowing you made a family’s holiday a little brighter. <3

Too busy to shop?

Consider making an online donation to support our Hope for the Holidays program.  We deeply appreciate any donation amount. Thank you for your generous support!

Make An Online Donation

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Domestic Violence Safe Shelter

(All Wishlists Have Been Fulfilled!)

Contact Melanie at 509-863-2882 or email melaniew@ywcaspokane.org

There is an opportunity for your family or organization to “Adopt a Family” at our domestic violence safe shelter, or you could sponsor a hope chest below. For an “Adopt a Family” list of families and wishes, contact Melanie directly. You can view suggested hope chest items below.

Shelter Contact Information:

Contact Melanie at 509-863-2882 or email melaniew@ywcaspokane.org. Thank you!

For A Woman/Mother At Our Shelter

Often times, when a woman flees an abuser she is forced to leave her belongings and her children’s belongings behind. This option provides a collection of “Hope Chest” items that a woman will be able to take with her when she transitions from our Safe Shelter, into a home of her very own!

  • Some suggested items for women and mothers staying at our shelter include twin sheet sets, blankets, bath towel sets, dishes, drinking glasses, silverware, pots and pans, a toaster, coffee maker, crock-pot, dishcloths, dish towels, and cleaning supplies.
For Children At Our Shelter

Just like the women, the children in our safe shelter come to us after fleeing an abusive situation and are not able to bring their belongings with them. Suggestions to consider when contributing towards a holiday toy chest for children are listed below. Thank you for helping make this difficult season a little brighter for the young people we serve who are fleeing an abusive situation.

  • Suggestions for an infant or toddler include crib-toddler bed sheets and blankets, a diaper bag with accessories, umbrella stroller, baby-toddler toys, baby bath and towel set, dish set with utensils, and baby books.
  • Gift ideas for a child 5-10 years old include twin sheet sets, twin blankets, lego sets, stuffed animals, a nightlight, age-appropriate DVD’s, books, toys, backpacks, pajamas, and socks.
  • Gift ideas for children 11 years old and older could include twin sheet sets, twin blankets, technic legos, beading supplies, headphones or earbuds, wireless, speakers, slippers, slipper socks, pajamas, robes, beanies and gloves, scarves, and backpacks.
For Animal Family Members At Our Shelter

Pet Beds filled with necessities make a great family holiday gift! We are a pet-friendly safe shelter. We know that a woman is less likely to leave an abusive relationship if she has to leave a beloved pet behind. Our shelter allows survivors to bring their pets with them to help get the pet out of the abusive situation as well.

  • Some suggested pet gift ideas include a dog or cat bed, treats, toys, dog or cat food, veterinarian gift card, food and water dishes.
Once A Family Has Been Adopted:
  • Please share with us a photo of you and your group with your gifts!
  • Please donate all gifts unwrapped.
  • Feel good knowing you made a family’s holiday a little brighter. <3

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(All Wishlists Have Been Fulfilled!)

Contact Shannon at 509-789-9294 or at shannong@ywcaspokane.org

This holiday season, we hope to have 30 wishlists out of 132 families adopted from our Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP). Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

Each family is looking to have their own customized wishlist sponsored by a caring Spokane group or organization. Wishlists vary depending on need, so please contact Shannon to learn more. She will make sure to pair you with the best family for your interests!

Wishlists are intended to serve as a guide for you while shopping. Not all gifts on a wishlist need to be purchased in order to adopt a family. Any donation is deeply appreciated. 

ECEAP Contact Information:

To adopt an ECEAP family this year, please contact Shannon at 509-789-9294 or at shannong@ywcaspokane.org. Thank you!

ECEAP is a FREE preschool that promotes long-term success with school and life. ECEAP provides preschool education, family support, and health and nutrition services. Learn more about YWCA Spokane’s ECEAP.

Once A Family Has Been Adopted:
  • Please share with us a photo of you and your group with your gifts!
  • Please donate all gifts unwrapped.
  • Feel good knowing you made a family’s holiday a little brighter. <3

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Donate Online Today

If this time of year is too overwhelming and stressful for you and your loved ones to shop for Hope For The Holidays gifts, consider making an online donation in support of one of our programs. Thank you so much for your gracious support this holiday season!

By: Drew Swanson

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