Help Stock New Valley Domestic Violence Shelter

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New Valley Shelter

Valley Shelter Target Wishlist 3YWCA Spokane recently secured new shelter space in the Spokane Valley to help meet the need of domestic violence victims fleeing abusive relationships in the Valley area. On top of dealing with an abusive partner, it is extremely disruptive and stressful to be removed from your community.  Its important to YWCA Spokane to reduce as many stressors as possible for the survivors while they navigate a very tumultuous time.

The new Valley shelter provides safe and confidential housing for Valley residences and allows survivors to remain in their community. This can provide less stress on many areas within the survivors life including childcare, work, family relations, and education.

Furnishing The Space

YWCA Spokane is currently working on furnishing the new space. With this new addition, we are reaching out to the community to help make sure the new shelter embodies the same “beloved community” spirit as our downtown Spokane safe shelter location.

Creating a space that is as welcoming and nurturing as possible can make a significant difference in a survivor’s consideration of shelter housing as a resource to transition away from their abuser.

Valley Shelter Wishlist

Consider helping us stock the new shelter with one or more of the items from our Target Shopping Wishlist. Items can be dropped off or mailed to YWCA Spokane, 930 N Monroe St, Spokane WA 99201.


Any questions can be directed to Jen Haynes, Associate Director of Housing, at or call 509-326-2255. Thank you sincerely for your support!