October 31, 2020

YWCA Get Out The Vote 2020

YWCA Spokane Encourages Voter Participation

In the final stretch of this election, YWCA Spokane continued to dedicate itself to actions which encouraged robust, diverse voter participation in the November 2020 Election. With election day on Tuesday November 3rd, YWCA Spokane staff, board members, and supporters took the time to share their personal reasons for voting.

Staff, Board, and Supporters Share Why They Vote

  • “I vote because if you do not choose, you still have made a choice.” – Lauren, Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program Lead Teacher
  • “I vote because anxieties are rising. Tensions are high. Do what you can to make the impact you want on the world”. -Terran Counseling Center Manager
  • “I vote because it is my chance to make a difference in our country and its future. I also vote for all those who can’t – the youth under 18, including my children. The ballot I cast this year will effect their future even more than my own.” -Kate, Community Member and YWCA Supporter
  • “I vote to honor those who fought before me, to fight for the rights that are currently at stake, and for the sake of future generations.” – Brit, Associate Therapist
  • “I vote to give a voice to those who are not able to speak up. I vote for women because it is our right. I vote for change.” – Kaylee, Lead Prevention Specialist and CSO Advocate
  • “I vote because the creation of a sustainable, equitable future will require input from all of us” -Mia, Counseling Center Advocate
  • “We vote for our future and the future of our girls! Thanks for ensuring a safe election USPS!” -Kelsey, Board Member

There Is Still Time To Register To Vote!

Have you waited to register or put of voting during this election season? You have until November 3rd to participate in this powerful change-making process. Voting is a way to utilize your voice, with your vote, to shape your future. To learn more about how to vote, the impact of voting, dates and deadlines, what’s on the ballot, and safety and confidentiality concerns, read our 2020 Voting Guide.

YWCA 2020 Voting Guide

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By: Mia Morton

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