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Amazing People, Powerful Impact

From clients, to staff member, to donors, volunteers, and board members, our community is made up of truly inspiring people with deeply powerful stories that help us to reflect and think about how we choose to move forward together in this work. 

Why Your Story is Important to this Work

Statements and stories illustrating the impact of our work can help us advocate for additional needs and propel people into action.

Stories of every length and depth have the power to shape the media narrative, influence legislatures, raise critical funds, and lift up our fellow community members.

If you have been impacted by YWCA, please share your story and help us celebrate successes, bring attention to injustice, and connect supporters to our work. We’ve created this online form to make it simple and easy for you to share stories and statements of impact with us.

WSCADV Owning Your Story Booklet Cover
A Guide for Survivors

Owning Your Story Can Be Incredibly Powerful

If you are a survivor of domestic violence who is considering sharing a part of your story, consider taking a look at this booklet from WSCADV called Owning Your Story Claiming Your Power.

We hope this booklet helps you think through what you might need to do to claim your experience and tell others about it. We hope that it helps protect your well being and joy while sharing your stories of pain and injustice. We hope you find that telling your story helps you move toward healing and strength.

This book is for all survivors who want to point out injustices and advocate for change.

Story Highlights

May 20, 2024 Jun 14 @ 6:01 am

Mary Albert’s Donor Story

Story by Mary Alberts, Legacy Circle Donor & YWCA Board Member We all want to be remembered for something, but my greatest fear is that it will be for the time I went to a costume party dressed as Cat…

Dec 11, 2023 Jun 14 @ 6:01 am

Hope for the Holidays 2023 Recap

YWCA Spokane’s 2023 Hope for the Holidays adopt-a-family wish list program was a great success this year! Thank you sincerely to our caring community for helping create a special holiday season for the families we serve.

Apr 13, 2022 Jun 14 @ 6:01 am

April 2022 Updates

Today We are Celebrating 119 Years of Dedicated Service To The Spokane Community Today is a day of reflection and gratitude for our team at YWCA Spokane. We have come a long way since the start of our agency. Take a…

Oct 20, 2021 Jun 14 @ 6:01 am

Makayla’s Journey Of Surviving to Thriving

Makayla’s Story “Makayla” is a domestic violence survivor and YWCA Spokane client who wanted to share her healing journey with the community. Makayla’s story focuses on how she went from surviving to healing and ultimately thriving. Her parting advice reminds…

Apr 2, 2021 Jun 14 @ 6:01 am

Supporter Highlight: Jean

JEAN, you make an incredible difference. DonationS received Over the past few months, the YWCA Spokane community of staff, volunteers, and clients have joyously recieved many pieces of artwork from Jean Rice. Jean, pictured to the right, donated a collection…

Dec 7, 2020 Jun 14 @ 6:01 am

Resilience Exemplified: A Client Story

Resilience exemplified: a client story Finding peace, meaning, and connection after trauma can be extremely challenging. Survivors of domestic violence do it every day. At YWCA Spokane, we support them along their individiual journey. Check out this survivor’s story, read…

Oct 14, 2020 Jun 14 @ 6:01 am

A Survivor’s Story – Teresa

The Moments That Shape Fulfillment The Below Reflections Were Written By Teresa Dixon, A YWCA Spokane Team Member Who Once Was A Client Staying At Our Safe Shelter In 2008, when my children and I lived in the YWCA safe…

May 20, 2020 Jun 14 @ 6:01 am

Supporter Highlight: Jim

Jim, you make an incredible difference. Donation received Recently, YWCA Spokane staff were deeply moved and tremendously grateful upon receiving a $1,200 donation from a long time supporter and partner in our work. Jim, pictured below at home with his…