July 12, 2018

Family Trauma Selected As Spokane’s Top Concern

Spokane recently conducted a Spokane County Community Needs Assessment, conducted in collaboration with Priority Spokane and the Community Health Assessment Board (CHAAB), and the Spokane Regional Health District.

The community needs assessment process resulted in the following top 3 data-based priorities for Spokane County:

  • Reduce impacts of family trauma and violence
  • Increase access and services for residents with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues
  • Improve affordable housing

In alignment with a recent End The Silence Domestic Violence Town Hall, the Spokane Regional Health District in partnership with the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition also released sobering statistics about Domestic Violence in Spokane.

FACTS About Domestic Violence

The facts are undeniable. We must come together to address this problem, which affects our families, our community, and our economic health.


Three years ago, in conjunction with October’s national Domestic violence Action Month, YWCA Spokane launched a local campaign called End The Silence.  Each year the campaign has grown significantly, with more and more organizations, individuals, and businesses joining the movement.  Take a look at a recap of our 2018 End The Silence campaign successes.

4-Pronged End The Silence Campaign Goal:
  1. Awareness: Increase awareness in our community about services available for domestic violence survivors.
  2. Education: Provide domestic violence training, resources, and campaign materials for individuals and business, including tools explaining how to help if someone you know is in an abusive relationship.
  3. Allyship: Build partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and educational institutions who want to take a stand against domestic violence and show victims they are not alone, the we are here together as support, and we will no longer be silent about domestic violence.
  4. Prevention: Make conversations about relationship dynamics and how to treat each other with respect a common practice. Provide opportunities for meaningful discussions about healthy relationships at the dinner table and in every day situations with those we love, including our children.

YWCA Is On A Mission. Join Us.

Consider partnering with YWCA Spokane to promote healthy relationships and end the silence that surrounds domestic violence. Learn more about the End the Silence Campaign or contact Nicole Nimens, YWCA Community Education and Outreach Coordinator at 509-789-9290 or email nicolen@ywcaspokane.org to learn custom ways you or your organization can create positive change in our community.

Learn More About End The Silence

By: Erica Schreiber

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