Stand Against Racism 2019

April 26, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Empire Health Foundation Philanthropy Center
1020 W Riverside Ave
WA 99201

YWCA Spokane’s Annual Stand Against Racism

2019 Courageous Conversation: No Hate. No Fear. Immigrant Justice is Racial Justice.

This April, 40+ YWCA agencies across the nation will host public events that engage in open and honest dialogue, with over 250,000 people, that confront stereotypes and bias as a community. The goal of the annual event is to unite our community in a bold demonstration that delivers a clear message: we are on a mission to eliminate racism. Each courageous conversation provides an opportunity to broaden perspectives, learn new tools, and connect with a diverse community of citizens passionate about eliminating racism in our community.


Stand Against Racism 2019

Print signs from YWCA USA.

This year, YWCA Spokane’s courageous conversation will align with YWCA USA’s national theme: No Hate. No Fear. Immigrant Justice is Racial Justice.

In addition to bringing awareness to the racism immigrants experience, three immigrants, living in Spokane, will be provided with an opportunity to share their personal experiences. Additional time will be provided for a panel discussion and a question and answer session.

  • What: YWCA Spokane’s Annual Stand Against Racism
  • When: Friday, April 26th, 2019 | 11:30am – 1:00pm
  • Where: Empire Health Foundation, Philanthropy Center, 1020 W Riverside Ave
  • Cost: Free and open to the public (registration required)
  • Questions: | 509-789-9312
  • Share: #standagainstracism
  • Food: Lunch will be provided for guests

This event is made possible by Providence Health Care and  YWCA Spokane’s Racial and Social Justice Committee, led by YWCA Spokane Board Members Kiana McKenna, Kate Burke, and Dr. Shari Clarke.

“YWCA’s Stand Against Racism event will be a time for us, as a community, to stand together and say, ‘No Hate. No Fear. Immigrant Justice is Racial Justice.’,” states Kiana McKenna, YWCA Board Member and Co-Chair of the YWCA Spokane Racial and Social Justice Committee. “It is our responsibility to stand up for those most vulnerable and marginalized in our community, and this event gives us an opportunity to do so. We are stronger together.”

Event Registration Is Now Closed

We have reached maximum capacity for attendance at this year’s Stand Against Racism courageous conversation. We are so grateful for the extraordinary response to this year’s event. Thank you!

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Meet Our Panelists

Thank you to our incredible speakers for volunteering their time to tell their courageous stories. Learn more about these women below!

Rosemary Muriungi

Rosemary is a Ph.D. Candidate in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University. She has broad experience in academic, international non-governmental, and global multilateral organizations advocating for girl education, children’s rights, and sustainable human development. Prior to her doctoral studies at Gonzaga, she was Deputy Head of Human Resources Management at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Kenya. She thrives on developing talent and leadership capacity in youth and women. Her research interests include higher education of under-served populations, women leadership, organizational leadership and development, humanitarianism, and micro/small business development. She is an active community member and serves on several boards in her home country Kenya and in the United States.

Naghmana Sherazi

Naghmana Ahmed-Sherazi an educator and scientist born in Karachi, Pakistan and came to Spokane in 2012. She finds happiness through involvement with the Spokane community, and building relationships. She is part of several local groups such as Spokane Women Together, Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, Faith Leaders, and Leaders of Conscience, Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) and Spokane Faith & Values.
She meets for potlucks and has built a community of friends with people of all faiths — Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, and Christian, as well as people of different ethnicities. They connect around food, sharing their heritage, values, and stories; educating each other so they stand up for each other’s rights! They understand where they are coming from and how they can work together to make this a better world for all children.

She worked in 2017/2018 to block Proposition 1 being put on the ballot, a racial profiling initiative that would have allowed any city employee to ask anyone for their documents. She also helped start the No Discrimination Spokane Campaign.

Currently she is involved with Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane, Refugee Connections Spokane, Muslims for Community Action and Support, Center for Justice, Asian Pacific Islander Coalition APIC – Spokane, Spokane Coalition of Color (an amalgamation of the leadership of Spokane NAACP, ACLU, HBPA, and APIC), and was one of our highlighted speakers at the Women’s March earlier this year!

Lili Navarrete

Lili Navarrete immigrated with her family from Mexico City in 1988. She graduated from EWU with a Bachelors of Arts in International Affairs and with minors in Economics and Business Administration. Advocacy is a major and important part of her career and her employer for the last 3 years, Planned Parenthood, has given her the tools, support, and platform to advocate for vulnerable and marginalized communities. She is currently the Volunteer Program and Raiz Manager at Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho. Recently, she served on the International Women’s Day Committee to bring balance for better to the Spokane Community.


As a part of YWCA National’s annual campaign, an opportunity is provided to take a pledge to stand united in our efforts to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities.

During the event, YWCA Spokane will encourage the community to join their pledge to stand against racism by signing a pledge banner which will display at YWCA Spokane’s office. Community members will also be encouraged to complete YWCA USA’s online pledge listed below.

Please consider joining YWCA and hundreds of thousands of people across the country who will engage with us this week during YWCA’s annual Stand Against Racism – and every day.

Stand Against Racism Pledge

Mindful of the continuing affliction of institutional and structural racism as well as the daily realities of all forms of bias, prejudice, and bigotry in my own life, my family, my circle of friends, my co-workers, and the society in which I live, with conviction and hope:

I take this pledge, fully aware that the struggle to eliminate racism will not end with a mere pledge but calls for an ongoing transformation within myself and the institutions and structures of our society.

I pledge to look deeply and continuously in my heart and in my mind to identify all signs and vestiges of racism; to rebuke the use of racist language and behavior towards others; to root out such racism in my daily life and in my encounters with persons I know and with strangers I do not know; and to expand my consciousness to be more aware and sensitive to my use of overt and subtle expressions of racism and racial stereotypes;

I pledge to educate myself on racial justice issues and share what I learn in my own communities even if it means challenging my family, my partner, my children, my friends, my co-workers, and those I encounter on a daily basis;

I pledge, within my means, to actively work to support public policy solutions that prominently, openly, and enthusiastically promote racial equity in all aspects of human affairs; and to actively support and devote my time to YWCA, as well as other organizations working to eradicate racism from our society.

YWCA USA is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. I join YWCA in taking a stand against racism today and every day.

Sign The Pledge

Thank you to our Racial & social justice committee for making this possible!

We appreciate your commitment to serving our community. You truly embody the YWCA mission of eliminating racism and empowering women!

Kate Burke | Committee Co-Chair
Kiana McKenna | Committee Co-Chair
Christina Kamkosi
Claudine Richardson
Dora “Duaa-Rahemaah” Williams
Erica Schreiber
Julie Schaffer
Kate Sowers
Laura McAloon, YWCA Spokane Board Vice Chair
Laura Vickers, YWCA Spokane Board Treasurer
Leann Ledford
Nicole Rosenkrantz
Rachel Bechtol
Regina Malveaux
Shari Clark
Tracie Meidl