Pride Parade + Festival

Graphic courtesy of Spokane Pride

March with YWCA Spokane in this year’s Pride Parade, hosted by Spokane Pride. Family, friends, and dogs are also welcome!

March With Us!

  • When: 11:00am
  • Where: Meet at YWCA Spokane Parking lot (south lot at 930 N Monroe St)
  • Who: YW Staff, families, friends, supporters, and pets!
  • What: We’ll meet at 11am in the parking lot to walk over to the parade lineup. The parade starts at noon. We are number 120 (of 121) in the lineup!
  • Questions?: Please feel free to text or call Lara at (509) 378-5804 if you have any questions.

The parade will last approximately 1 hour, followed by the Pride festival, full of activities and events. We hope you also stop by our YWCA Spokane booth and say hi any time before 6pm. Our booth will be by the clocktower spot 67.

  1. Do not engage with protesters throughout any part in the parade route. You will be removed from the Spokane Pride Parade & Festival if you are seen doing so.
  2. Do not throw or toss at parade attendees. Items must be handed to attendees directly.
Special thanks to Spokane Pride for organizing this fantastic community celebration!

About The Festival

Festival areas:

    • Clocktower Meadows (grassy area west to the Clocktower, south of the Pavilion)
    • Plaza (asphalt to the west of the Pavilion)
    • Pavilion Outdoors (under the giant tent from ’74 Expo
    • Pavilion Indoors (building directly west of the Pavilion tent)
    • Rotary Fountain (south of the river, around the fountain, to the west of the Looff Carrousel)
    • Lilac Bowl (grassy area at the far east end of the park; east of Washington/Stevens St.)

Note: All vendors will be located in Riverfront Park. No vending locations along the parade route.

Information Booths and Command Center:
This year, Spokane Pride is also launching a Command Center to handle all emergency and non-emergency calls. This will streamline getting help and questions answered quickly on festival day. The Command Center will be in contact with the Pride Board at all times, so if an event arises that needs a Pride representative to be present, they can get you someone quickly.

SMS Alerts & Notifications:
In addition to the Command Center, Spokane Pride has set up SMS text notifications. To opt into SMS alerts, please visit the SMS Vendor Alerts & Notifications page on their website:

Notifications include:

      • Parade Alerts (check-In, timeline, countdown, etc.)
      • Emergency Alerts (lost child, safety concerns, etc.)

Spokane Pride WILL NOT use your information to text for any purpose following this event. Annual opt-in will be required to ensure consent. Additionally, if you prefer SMS support (asking questions via text) during the event, please text the command center at 509-822-7190.

The number one concern at Pride, as always, is safety. In order to provide a safe environment for all, Spokane Pride hase been working with Spokane Police Department to have officers on-site throughout the day and to have plans in place in case anything happens. In addition, Spokane Pride will also have the aforementioned Command Center, which will allow us to quickly assess any situations and send out notifications quickly.

As for health safety, there will be handwashing stations located near all porta-potties across the park and hand sanitizer available for use. We still encourage anyone who is sick or who shows symptoms of COVID-19 to stay home in order to decrease the risk to everyone else.

At both beverage gardens, there will have private security checking IDs and monitoring for overly-intoxicated individuals.

Social Media:
If you post any pictures from the event, use #spokanepride2023 and tag us so we can see all of them!

Note: Not a requirement, just a request since we love seeing all of the Pride photos!

Photography / Videography:
Photographs and/or video will be taken at the Spokane Pride Parade and Festival. By taking part in this event, you grant the event organizers full rights to use the images resulting from the photographer/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptation of the images for fundraising, publicity or other necessary purposes.

There will be a designated parking lot for handicap parking. Please find parking at your convenience. Here is a list of parking lots and spaces:

Note: Some street parking will be unavailable due to the parade.