Descripción general de los servicios

Many of YWCA Spokane’s supportive services are available in person. In some cases, services are also available remotely, via phone, video chat, or email. Please review the regularly updated information about each of our services below for more details. View additional community resources here. 

Mask Update

Effective April 3rd, 2023, masking is no longer required in the Advocacy Support Center at YWCA Spokane. If you would like your advocate or therapist to wear a mask during the appointment please let the front desk know. If you would like a mask, we would be happy to provide one for you for free when you arrive at our main location.

Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Services:      

Other Free Services and General Information:

Horas de operación

Our domestic violence confidential safe shelter and domestic violence helpline services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. Additional YWCA Spokane services at our main office location (930 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201) are available during the following hours. Please review departmental details below for any adjustments to availability of services across service delivery locations.

Horario de oficina principal de YWCA Spokane:
- Lunes: 8 a. M. - 5 p. M.
- Martes: 8:00 a. M. - 5:00 p. M.
- Miércoles: 10 a. M. - 5 p. M.
- Jueves: 8 a. M. - 5 p. M.
- Viernes: 8h - 15h

Servicios de línea de ayuda las 24 horas y refugio seguro

Nuestra línea de ayuda de violencia doméstica las 24 horas, 509-326-2255, está disponible para que llama at any time. This is the best number for you to contact if you need someone to talk to immediately.

Si es seguro hacerlo, también puede comunicarse con nuestros defensores confidenciales a través de Email a, or via texto a 509-220-3725. Through the helpline, our confidential advocates are available to provide support if you or someone you know has questions or concerns about intimate partner domestic violence.

Advocates from the helpline can help with safety planning, resources, and referrals. They can also answer some basic housing related questions in regards to resources, referrals, lease breaks, etc. This number is also used to access YWCA Spokane’s confidential safe shelter. Trained advocates can provide a screening to determine if YWCA Spokane’s safe shelter is an option.

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Housing Advocacy For Survivors

Our housing advocates work with survivors of intimate partner domestic violence (IPDV) with housing related issues. Housing advocates can provide information about landlord/tenant issues, resources, safety planning and referrals to other community partners.

Housing advocates are available during walk-in hours on Monday mornings from 9:00am until 11:15am each week at our main location, 930 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201. (Walk-in hours flyer) Due to capacity, housing advocates can serve the first 6 survivors who arrive during walk-in hours each week. If you come to walk-in hours and we have reached capacity for the day, you will have the option of requesting a call back from a housing advocate.

The YWCA advocates are available at our 24hr helpline, 509-326-2255, to answer your basic housing related questions.

Housing Resources In Spokane:

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Domestic Violence Support Advocacy for Adults, Children & Youth

Advocacy For Adults

At YWCA Spokane, our Domestic Violence Support Advocates work alongside adult survivors of intimate partner domestic violence. We offer safety planning, resource referrals, psychoeducation, and supportive listening.

  • Individual advocacy: Our Domestic Violence Support Advocates are available on an individual basis through walk-in services and appointment based services. Walk-in hours take place each week, on Monday mornings from 9 am until noon at our main location, 930 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201. (Walk-in hours flyer) Appointments are offered in-person, over the phone, or over Zoom. To make an appointment, please call 509-326-1190. Los sobrevivientes pueden ingresar a nuestra ubicación principal, 930 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201, y programar una cita en la recepción si llamar por teléfono no es una opción.
  • Support group: Domestic Violence Support Advocates facilitate support group for adult survivors of intimate partner domestic violence each week on Wednesday from 4pm-5pm. Please feel free to explore and distribute our Folleto del grupo de apoyo y contactar 509-326-1190 si es un sobreviviente interesado en asistir a un grupo de apoyo o tiene preguntas sobre el grupo de apoyo.

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Terapia de salud mental

The Mental Health Therapy program offers in-person or Telehealth appointment options for survivors of intimate partner violence.

We recommend that survivors meet with a Domestic Violence Support Advocate before getting connected with our mental health therapy team. Domestic Violence Support Advocates can then directly refer survivors to our mental health therapy team or provide resource options in the community. To learn how to get connected with a Domestic Violence Support Advocate first, haga clic aquí.

To review a list of community mental health services, check out this handout of therapy, counseling, and other supportive mental health resources. Additionally, know that our Domestic Violence Support Advocates can support survivors in finding therapy options appropriate for themselves and their children.

If you would like more information about our mental health services, please call 509-789-9297 and we’d be happy to walk you through the process. If you’re having a mental health emergency, please call the regional crisis line at 1-877-266-1818.

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Nuestros defensores legales pueden proporcionar información, referencias y asistencia con Órdenes de protección contra la violencia doméstica, Órdenes de no contacto y casos penales. Si necesita ayuda con una orden de protección debido a la violencia doméstica de su pareja íntima, o si usted es la víctima incluida en un caso penal y necesita hablar con un defensor, llame al 509-477-3656 opción #1. If advocates are not able to answer your call, please leave a detailed message including a safe way to contact you so a legal advocate can reach out to you within 1-2 business days.

Si está considerando una orden de protección o tiene más preguntas sobre el proceso, lo invitamos a explorar las respuestas de los defensores legales a una lista de preguntas frecuentes sobre esta página.

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Civil Legal Assistance With Domestic Violence

The best way to connect with our Civil Legal team is through our online intake form. If access to the internet is an issue, please contact our front desk at 509-326-1190 for assistance with filling out the online intake. We accept DV-related family law intakes beginning on Monday morning, and they remain open until we reach our weekly case limit*. We then review them in the order in which they are received. After your intake has been reviewed, the Civil Legal team will contact you on Thursday or Friday of the same week to schedule an appointment either in-person, over the phone, or virtually. Appointments usually take place the week after the intake is received. 

>>> The Intake Form is currently closed and will reopen on Monday at 9AM <<<

What To Do When We Are Unable To Accept New Intakes

In the event that we are unable to accept new intakes, please contact Northwest Justice Project by calling 1-888-201-1014 on weekdays between 9:15am – 12:15pm or applying for their legal assistance online aquí. If you are currently working with a YWCA advocate, you may request that they provide a direct referral to Northwest Justice Project for you.

Community Service Office Advocacy – Support With DSHS Services For Survivors

Our Community Service Office (CSO) Advocates continue to provide services and support to their clients over the phone. If you are working with a CSO advocate, you may contact your advocate directly via phone or email, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are not currently connected with a CSO advocate and would like to speak with one about TANF-related questions, including evaluation for a time limit extension due to domestic violence, please call the CSO advocates line at: 509-789-9290.

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Centro de oportunidades para mujeres (incluido el armario de nuestra hermana)

Services include job readiness, financial skill building, holistic healing and skill development services, computer lab access, clothing/necessities services in Our Sister’s Closet. Learn more about the below services here. 

  • Job Readiness Services
    • Women to Work Mentorship Services Volantes 509-789-9281 
  • Armario de nuestra hermana Clothing Boutique
    • One-on-one appointments Monday-Thursday each week.
    • Llama 509-326-1190 on Friday mornings 9am-noon to schedule an appointment for the following week.
      • Due to our limited capacity, appointment request calls received outside of the 9am-noon timeframe on Friday mornings will not be returned. 
    • For urgent clothing and hygiene needs, speak with any YWCA Spokane staff member about requesting a Care Package.
    • View and share our OSC flyer.
  • Holistic Healing & Skill Development Services
    • includes: Healthy Relationship Skills Group, Yoga For Reclaiming the Body, Expressive Art & Community Connection Group, and Circle of Security Parenting Classes.
    • Our February holistic services calendar contains all current program times, brief descriptions of our offerings, and contact information for program facilitators.
  • Computer Lab For Clients
    • Available for any client currently participating in a program provided by YWCA Spokane.
    • Our computer lab is available for walk-ins, with limited staff support, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9am-4pm, as well as Wednesdays from 10:30am-4pm. If extra technology support is needed, please call 509-326-1190 or speak with your advocate to schedule an appointment.

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Safe Haven Classroom

The Safe Haven classroom provides free, on-site childcare for individuals accessing services in person at our main location, 930 N Monroe St Spokane, WA 99201. The Safe Haven classroom can accommodate children who are between the ages of 3 months old and 12 years old.

Safe Haven Classroom Hours Of Availability:
– Monday: 9am – 4:30pm (closed 12-12:30)
– Tuesday: 9am – 4:30pm (closed 12-12:30)
– Wednesday: 9am – 4:30pm (closed 12-12:30)
– Thursday: 9am – 4:30pm (closed 12-12:30)
- Viernes: cerrado

Individuals must have an appointment secured in Safe Haven in order to utilize its services, except during walk-in hours. To schedule time for your child or children to use the Safe Haven classroom while you engage in services onsite at YWCA Spokane, please call 509-638-8107 or speak with the staff member you will be engaging with.

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Programa de asistencia y educación para la primera infancia

YWCA Spokane’s ECEAP Program is offering in-person learning within all five of our classrooms, spread across three different locations. We have two ECEAP classrooms in downtown Spokane, one in Medical Lake, and two in West Plains (Airway Heights). The Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP, pronounced “e-cap”) is Washington’s FREE comprehensive preschool program serving income and environmentally eligible 3 and 4-year old children and their families.

Currently, our five ECEAP classrooms all follow a school day model with in-person learning from 8am to 3pm. Health and safety procedures have been implemented since the beginning of the pandemic, and will continue to be adjusted, as needed, to keep us all safe. Children and families enrolled in YWCA Spokane’s ECEAP program will engage in detailed conversation with staff members about health and safety policies and procedures at the time of their enrollment and throughout the time of their engagement with our ECEAP program.

¿Quieres más información? Complete el siguiente formulario y el personal de ECEAP de YWCA Spokane se comunicará con usted.

Formulario de interés de ECEAP
¿Cómo puede el personal de ECEAP comunicarse con el padre / tutor?
¿En qué lugar del aula de ECEAP está interesado?

To apply for YWCA Spokane’s ECEAP, you can:

  • Download a pdf of the ECEAP application and return it following the directions in the application.


  • Complete your ECEAP application entirely online here.


  • Visit our office in person during business hours, receive a paper copy of the application from staff, and complete the application in person.

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Equipo de prevención

Currently our Prevention Team is looking for community partners who are interested in enrolling a group of students or adults in a healthy relationships curriculum. If you would like to learn more please contact  Learn more about our prevention work aquí.

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Programa de direcciones postales seguras

Los clientes que reciban su correo en YWCA Spokane pueden visitar nuestra ubicación principal, 930 N Monroe St Spokane, WA 99201, durante el horario comercial habitual. Como siempre, se requerirá algún tipo de identificación a quienes recojan el correo.

Horario comercial de YWCA Spokane
- Lunes: 8 a. M. - 5 p. M.
- Martes: 8:00 a. M. - 5:00 p. M.
- Miércoles: 10 a. M. - 5 p. M.
- Jueves: 8 a. M. - 5 p. M.
- Viernes: 8h - 15h

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Share about Our Impact

If you have used any of the services above and would like to share about how they have impacted your life, consider writing an impact statement aquí.

Las declaraciones de impacto nos permiten celebrar los éxitos, llamar la atención sobre la injusticia y conectar a los partidarios con nuestro trabajo. Las historias de toda extensión y profundidad tienen el poder de dar forma a la narrativa de los medios, influir en las legislaturas, recaudar fondos críticos y animar a nuestros compañeros miembros de la comunidad.

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