Equipo de prevención

Meet YWCA’s Prevention Team

YWCA Spokane’s prevention efforts are supported by a team of trained Domestic Violence  advocates. Each member is passionate about working with and supporting youth on their journey towards a life with healthy and empowered relationships.


Alondra is a Domestic Violence Support Advocate and describes herself as passionate, dedicated and loyal. What she enjoys most about the team is the safe space that they’ve created. She states that “It is such a blessing to work with other individuals who have the same passion in facilitating conversations on healthy relationships and boundaries with youth in our community.” Her favorite thing about the team has been when they connect during the meetings and find joy in the little things. She enjoys facilitating activities such as kahoot & trivia with youth to ease into talking about relationships. A fun fact about Alondra is that she loves to sing. Currently her favorite song to sing is Session 32 by Summer Walker. Alondra has performed over 20+ times!!


Caroline is a youth and family associate therapist, she describes herself as caring, silly and positive. Caroline brings lightness into every room which is a huge strength when approaching conversations with teens about unhealthy relationships. Caroline enjoys being part of the prevention team because it offers elements of a lot of her favorite things such as; collaboration, discovery, learning, friendship, reflection, and the feeling of having overall support. Her favorite memory has been facilitating at The Community School where facilitators will often prepare questions or topics to guide conversations with students. One of the coolest moments for her was when students at The Community School either brought up topics or asked questions about topics facilitators had prepared for sessions completely on their own. She states “The Community School students are local experts!” A fun fact about Caroline is that she’s been in over 30 musical theater productions, mainly in the role of a dancer!


Christina is a Domestic Violence Support Advocate and describes herself as spontaneous, empathetic, and nurturing. Being a part of a team that allows her to be the positive role model that she needed in her own youth is something that is extremely important to Christina. Christina believes that our future’s well being requires that every child in every community be guaranteed the opportunity to reach their full potential. Christina adds that providing children with the opportunity to develop positive behaviors is the foundation to most efforts to prevent youth crime and violence and something she has always wanted to do. Christina enjoys working with youth because they are active, imaginative, and creative. The activities, lessons, and experiences of working with youth also support Christina’s ability to expand her own imagination and creativity. A fun fact about Christina is that she’s an amazing cook.


Lizbeth is our Prevention Coordinator and she describes herself as fun, open-minded, and loving. She finds different ways to relate to the teens that she works with, understanding that they each have different background and experiences and welcomes the different perspectives from each individual. Her favorite part about the prevention team has been being able to witness and experience how each member connects with youth in different ways. Her favorite memory with the team has been growing and celebrating their prevention efforts. Her favorite memory as a facilitator has been getting greeted by students in the hallway because she feels that it’s a meaningful way to measure the positive impact she’d had on teens. Liz’s fun fact is that she loves building puzzles.


Logan’s primary position is a legal advocate and when asked to describe himself in three words he stated “I am tired” which of course speaks to the humor he brings to the team as a prevention specialist. Logan is funny, passionate and caring. He enjoys being on the team because he feels that the work “we do as a team can reach many young adults who can learn from what we speak about.” He hasn’t been with the team long but he’s already contributed significantly to the agency’s prevention efforts. His favorite memory of the team so far has been when he was introduced to everyone and felt welcomed into the team. Logan’s fun fact is that he doesn’t like soda because of the carbonation and sugar (even if it’s diet or no sugar). 







Tiffany is the Legal Advocate Manager and she describes herself as passionate, empowering, and hardworking. Tiffany has a very open mind and always encourages teens to think about themselves without the influence of others. She reminds them often that they are not defined by their past but do have a choice in their actions and who they become. She enjoys being a part of the Prevention Team because “it’s a space where each person’s lived and worked experiences are unique and help contribute to the work we’re able to do in the community.”  Her favorite memory with the team would probably be at the Staff Retreat in the summer of 2022 when they were able to take Prevention team photos and laugh together outside of their normal working spaces, she adds that “it was SO hard to choose!!”. A fun fact about Tiffany is that she once sang the National Anthem with her quartet and played basketball at the Moda Center (previously called Rose Garden) in Portland, Oregon — and if you’re wondering, yes, they did win!