May 18, 2018

End The Silence DV Town Hall Recap 2018

Thursday night YWCA Spokane participated in a Spokane Domestic Violence End The Silence Town Hall event and we want to extend a warm thank you to our community for taking part in the conversation to let survivors of domestic violence know they aren’t alone. And special thanks to our expert panelists, moderator, and sponsors for the event.

As a community, the questions that were raised during the event are important to us. We will be expanding and taking a deeper look at the topics raised in the upcoming weeks. Issues raised include how DV affects children, better policies at local level, having a Family Violence Center big enough to house everyone who needs to collaborate, and stronger laws… just to name a few. So, please check back for additional discussion on these topics!

In the mean time, a big thank you to Regina Malveux, Annie Murphey, Stacy Wenzl, Morgan Colburn, Sgt. Jordan Ferguson, Judge Patti Walker, Lynden Smithson, Mike Ricketts, Darby Stewart, Courtney Pettitt, Nichole Archer, and Meg Curtin Rey-Bear for the open dialogue about domestic violence and increasing public awareness to this epidemic in our city.

We would also like to thank our sponsors for this event: Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition, Spokane Regional Health District, YWCA Spokane, and Eastern Washington University.

Please stay tuned as we will soon be doing a further deep-dive into your questions submitted at the End The Silence Town Hall! We have a lot to address and we know you’ll want to take part in that discussion. >> Additional Q& A available here.

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By: Naomi Teeter

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