Domestic Violence Action Month

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October Is Nationally Recognized As Domestic Violence Action Month (DVAM)

During this national month of advocacy, join YWCA Spokane in our goals to: 

    1. Increase Awareness:  Paint Spokane Purple With A Free DVAM Swag Kit
    2. Inspire Action: Sign Up To Join Us
    3. Raise $50,000 In Critical Funds For Survivors: Donate Today


Why This Work Is Important

Domestic violence is an urgent issue in our community. The Spokane Police report that Domestic Violence assault crimes have increased 16.82% since January, and YWCA Spokane has seen a 50% spike in calls to their 24 hour helpline in that same period. Spokane has the highest rates of domestic violence in Washington State, with 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men in Spokane County reporting experiencing domestic violence.

Together, we can respond to this crisis. If we are able to recognize the signs of domestic violence, respond appropriately to help survivors, and refer to meaningful services, we can step into action and help change this statistic. Join YWCA Spokane for a month of awareness and action by registering below.

DVAM Flyer

1) Increase Awareness

We invite Spokane businesses and individuals to spread awareness about domestic violence by helping to blanket our community with the national color of DVAM, purple!

Shine a light for survivors in October by wearing purple, displaying purple lights, and posting YWCA’s DVAM materials in store fronts and office locations. This united, visual form of support will show the community that we stand with survivors.

Sign up below to receive a complimentary kit of DVAM swag for your place of work. 

Free DVAM Swag Kit 

Learn More About Intimate Partner Domestic Violence

Consider going through our free From Survive To Thrive educational series with your friends, family, and co-workers to learn more about intimate partner domestic violence and approach YWCA Spokane’s confidential advocates take to support survivors.

From Survive To Thrive 

2) Inspire Action

2021 DVAM Flyer Shine A Light For Survivors Register to receive access to the weekly DVAM events and activities highlighted below. Each week we’ll provide education that will increase your awareness about Domestic Violence and arm you with real actions you can take to  make Spokane a safer community for all.

Chalk Walk | October 6 | 12:00pm – 3:00pm | Community Kickoff In Riverfront Park

    • Help YWCA Spokane kickoff DVAM by joining us for our Chalk Walk event in partnership with Riverfront Spokane. We will cover the sidewalks in Riverfront Park with awareness, affirmations, and reflections.

YW Table Talk | October 13 | Business Call To Action & Toolkit

    • Watch a discussion between Jeanette Hauck (YWCA Spokane CEO) and Annie Murphey (Executive Director of the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition) about the role businesses can and should play in responding to and preventing domestic violence in Spokane.

Survive To Thrive | October 20 | A Survivor Shares Her Story

    • Watch the powerful healing journey of a local survivor through this special film release, presented to you through our Mission Partner, Hamilton Studio. Her story shifts the focus away from a survivors endurance and towards their capacity to heal and build a future they deserve, one free from violence.

Pathways Forward | October 27 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm | What We Each Can Do To Help

    • Be part of a progress minded conversation with local leaders and advocates about domestic violence in Spokane and the role we each play in responding to it as individuals. Walk away with tools and resources that will help equip you with how to help a friend and support your community.

3) Help YWCA Spokane Raise $50,000 in Critical Funds for Survivors

This October, YWCA Spokane looks to raise $50,000 in order to ensure our free and confidential services remain available to the 16,500 women, men, children, and families who seek us out each year when they are impacted by domestic violence, homelessness, and unemployment.

A reduction in the availability of flexible funding sources, and our inability to hold our traditional fundraising events this year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, have created an urgent need for unrestricted dollars raised through your support.


Since 1903, we have been helping community members overcome social, economic, and personal barriers in order to accomplish their goals and achieve healthier and more fulfilling lives. Today, areas of focus include supporting victims of intimate partner domestic violence, promoting early childhood education and the economic advancement of women, and confronting racial and social justice issues that negatively impact our clients and our community. You can learn more about our impact in Spokane here.

Shop For A Cause

Support Local Businesses & Survivors During YWCA USA’s National Week Without Violence, October 18 – 23

We’re asking our business partners across Spokane to donate a portion of their proceeds to support our services during the week October 18th – 23rd, which is recognized by YWCA associations across the country as Week Without Violence. Help us raise critical funds to support survivors by shopping with these business during that week. Your patronage and support makes our services possible and changes the lives of those we serve. Thank you!

Does Your Business Want To Join Us?

If your business or organization would like to join us as a DVAM partner this October and help to share a light for survivors, you can register to join us here.


Thank you for taking a stand against domestic violence with YWCA Spokane! 

Thank You For Shining A Light For Survivors In Spokane!

Special Thanks To Our Key Partners

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Organizations Shining A Light

If you would like to partner with YWCA Spokane as a sponsor of Domestic Violence Action Month, please contact Briana Berner at or call 509-953-5992.

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