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Shine A Light For Survivors This October During Domestic Violence Action Month (DVAM)

Join YWCA Spokane as we work to increase awareness about the prevalence of domestic violence in our community, inspire action that is focused on creating lasting change, and encourage community-wide participation.

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Take Action

1. Register For Pathways Forward – 10/19

      • Join YWCA Spokane during Week Without Violence as we engage the community with key Spokane experts and YWCA staff in a progress-minded conversation about how domestic violence survivors have been impacted by recent legislative changes.
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2. Attend A Training In November

      • Sign up for one of our free, upcoming Domestic Violence 101 and 201 sessions to learn how to better support survivors and dive into some of the complexities of domestic violence. Training dates, times, and registration information can be found at ywcaspokane.org/training.

3. Support This Work With A Gift Today

      • In order to ensure our free and confidential services remain available to the 15,000 women, men, children, and families who seek us out each year when they are impacted by domestic violence, homelessness, and unemployment, we rely on the financial support of friends like you. Consider making a gift in support of this work today.

Paint Spokane Purple This October!

DVAM 2022 Paint The Town Purple Handout
Share Our DVAM Handout

YWCA Spokane invites you to shine a light for survivors of domestic violence this October by helping us paint Spokane purple. Show survivors that they are not alone, support is here, we value healthy relationships, and we will no longer tolerate family abuse within our community.

How You Can Help

    • Go Purple!

      • Purple is the nationally designated color for domestic violence awareness. Wear purple, shine purple lights at your home and business, and display DVAM materials (free stickers, buttons, and flyers provided by YWCA Spokane).  Email dvam@ywcaspokane.org to receive free items to display this October.
    • Sponsor A Downtown DVAM Banner

      • Honor survivors by sponsoring one or more DVAM banners that will display downtown each October. Sponsored banners will display a special custom message provided by you or your organization.
    • Become A DVAM Financial Partner

      • Businesses who feel passionate about this work are welcome to join us as a financial partner and support YWCA Spokane’s month-long campaign. Email dvam@ywcaspokane.org to learn more.

Custom DVAM Banner Sponsorship Form

Example of custom DVAM banner
Example of custom DVAM banner

Use the below form to sponsor one or more custom DVAM banners that will display downtown Spokane each October in support of domestic violence action month. Please direct any questions to dvam@ywcaspokane.org.

NOTE: In the comment field below, please provide a custom 49 character message that will display at the bottom of each sponsored banner.  

Why This Work Is Important

Domestic violence is an urgent issue in our community. Spokane continues to experience high rates of domestic violence in Washington State, with 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men experiencing domestic violence. Domestic violence continues to be the number one call to 911 in Spokane.

Together, we can respond to this crisis. If we are able to recognize the signs of domestic violence, respond appropriately to help survivors, and refer to meaningful services, we can step into action and help change this statistic.

Additional Ways To Make An Impact

Be Inspired

Sign Up For A Training

Learn With Friends

Watch this recording of a local survivor who shares her experience with domestic violence. Her story shifts the focus away from a survivors endurance and towards their capacity to heal and build a future they deserve, one free from violence.

Watch Video

and It takes a whole community to end Intimate Partner Violence, and the first step is to understand the issue. Our DV 101 training covers what intimate partner violence is, how to help someone experiencing domestic violence, and access to our free and confidential services.

Free Training 

and Consider going through our free online educational series with your friends, family, and co-workers to help normalize conversations about this prevalent issue in our community.


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Shine A Light For Survivors In Spokane!

Special Thanks To Our Key DVAM 2022 Partners

If you would like to learn more about partnering with YWCA Spokane for Domestic Violence Action Month, please email dvam@ywcaspokane.org.

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