Thank You to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services for Their Impactful Gift!

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Thank you to DSHS for your grant to benefit YWCA Spokane’s Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Survivor Services!

Because of their amazing support, YWCA Spokane’s Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Survivor Services will continue to serve survivors through comprehensive methods of prevention and response! Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (also known as DSHS) Community-Based Domestic Violence Program Emergency Shelter and Supportive Services has granted our services with a gift for the next year, ensuring our services will continue to serve 17,000 survivors of Intimate Partner Domestic Violence. Their gift will fund the following services:

  • Our Counseling Center
  • Housing/Shelter
  • Drop-in Childcare
  • Legal Advocacy

Their gift makes a major impact in the lives of those we serve. Through multiple avenues of support and services, we will be able fully to address intimate partner domestic violence in Spokane. With DSHS’s support, we will be able to serve women and families in our community during some of the most difficult times of their lives. We are so thankful for thier incredible support!

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We deeply appreciate DSHS for their commitment to empowering women and families in Washington. Thank you for helping women and families escaping intimate partner domestic violence, unemployment, and homelessness reach their highest potential! Below is a quote from Angelic, a client who benefits from our services. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank DSHS for helping women like Angelic with their gift.

“I’ve used almost every one of the services here and it’s changed the trajectory of my life. I was thinking this morning, if it wasn’t for YWCA Spokane I can honestly say I don’t even know if I’d be alive. I was ready to give up. This place has been a huge part of changing the course of my life. It’s the people here. It’s been amazing.”- YWCA Spokane Client

Join the DSHS; Donate Today!

If you would like to make a donation supporting YWCA Spokane’s programs and services for victims of domestic violence, please visit our donation page to learn about many ways you can make a positive impactful in the community. Whether it be a one-time donation online, hosting a beneficiary event, or giving gift-in-kind, your support is paramount to our work.

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