October 12, 2021

Domestic Violence and The Business Community

Domestic Violence Is A Community Issue, Impacting The Lives Of Our Friends, Co-Workers, and Families

Domestic violence doesn’t stay at home. It’s all around us, in school, in the grocery store, in the workplace. Chances are that people in your circle of friends, family, and co-workers has, is, or will be impacted by Domestic Violence. In Spokane, we have the highest rate of domestic violence in Washington State with 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men impacted by it.

Domestic violence is a workplace issue that affects all areas and professions. It can negatively impact employee productivity, attendance, and safety & wellbeing. Data suggests that domestic violence can even become workplace violence, presenting a safety issue for the survivor and their co-workers. There is no limit to how domestic violence can impact our community. To address this devastating issue, we must come together, education ourselves, and step into action.

YW Table Talk:

Domestic Violence & The Role Of The Business Community In Making Change

During this YW Table Talk, offered to the community through our partnership with Hamilton Studio, you can listen in to the conversation between Annie Murphy (Executive Director of Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition) and Jeanette Hauck (CEO of YWCA Spokane) as they discuss how workplaces, business leaders, HR professionals, supervisors, and co-workers can play an important role in ending domestic violence in our community by taking action to foster a supportive environment for survivors and help to hold perpetrators accountable.

YWCA Spokane’s Partnerships With The SRDVC To End The Violence In Spokane

We are so grateful for our partnership with the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition (SRDVC) and for this collaborative goal of bringing local organizations together through a united front to end violence in Spokane.

Each member organization in the coalition works with Annie and her team to help move the needle in the area of their expertise. For YWCA Spokane, we focus on addressing intimate partner domestic violence through direct services, confidential programs, and free community education, training, and prevention work.

Through the incredible support of our Mission Partner Providence Healthcare, we are excited to partner with SRDVC to develop critical content for the business tool kit they will be releasing to the community soon. To make sure your business or organization receives the toolkit once it is available, please email the SRDVC at outreach@srdvc.org.

Your Organization Can Learn More About Intimate Partner Domestic Violence

There are many ways your organization can start to make a difference today around the issue of intimate partner violence.

Each month, YWCA Spokane offers a free virtual training focused on how to recognize, respond, and refer when someone in your life, whether it is a family member, friend, or co-worker is experiencing domestic violence. We also offer a free online educational series that you can walk through with your team to learn more about how a survivor can move from surviving to thriving with the support of YWCA Spokane.

Start Making A Difference This October:

YWCA Spokane Mission Partners Step Into Action

Learn how each of our Mission Partners is currently working to support survivors in Spokane

Providence HealthCare

Providence Healthcare’s awareness of domestic violence as an epidemic in our community–and the loss of one of their own caregivers–prompted them to create a virtual safe haven with internal resources for Providence caregivers, and pursue partnership with the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition and YWCA Spokane to further this model with the creation of a toolkit for businesses and employers.

More About Providence

Numerica Credit Union

Aware that financial abuse is one of the most common and effective methods abusers use to keep survivors trapped in an abusive relationship, and that lack of financial means or access to finances greatly diminishes a survivor’s ability to stay safe after leaving an abusive relationship, Numerica Credit Union has been working with YWCA Spokane staff to create an emergency loan program specifically for domestic violence survivors that will help provide them with critical financial means they would not otherwise have access to.

In addition, Numerica offers a customizable program for agency partners through their Domestic Violence & Family Violence support program. Their team not only offers these services free of charge, but they also will meet with survivors at our shelter or main office location where they feel most safe.




Recognizing the unique opportunity healthcare workers can have to detect domestic violence situations and respond, MultiCare has partnered with YWCA Spokane and other community organizations to create a training module for their providers and implement a set of domestic violence screening questions into their caregiving model.

More About MultiCare

Kalispel Tribe and Northern Quest Casino and Resort

Kalispel Tribe and Northern Quest Casino and Resort has been providing significant, unrestricted funding to YWCA Spokane for nearly 20 years. Dedicated to ending violence through empowerment, leadership, individual and systemic advocacy, education, and social change, the Kalispel Tribe uses their charitable giving to agencies like YWCA Spokane to further their mission to better the lives of future generations.

More About The Kalispel Tribe

Hamilton Studio

Deeply passionate about responding to domestic violence in our community, Hamilton Studio donates enormous amounts of time and talent to YWCA Spokane to create awareness raising videos, like the YW Table Talk above, that enable YWCA Spokane to educate, fundraise, and share important information and updates with the community. Below is one of the beautiful videos Hamilton has created to help us launch this year’s DVAM campaign.

More About Hamilton Studio

DVAM | Donate | Chalk Walk | YW Table Talk | Survive To Thrive | Pathways Forward | Business Call To Action

October Is Nationally Recognized As Domestic Violence Action Month (DVAM)

During this national month of advocacy, join YWCA Spokane in our goals to: 

      1. Increase Awareness:  Paint Spokane Purple With A Free DVAM Swag Kit
      2. Inspire Action: Sign Up To Join Us
      3. Raise $50,000 In Critical Funds For Survivors: Donate Today

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