Thank You Premera Social Impact Fund!

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YWCA Spokane would like to express our gratitude to Premera’s Social Impact Fund for supporting our mental health program for trauma survivors. This year has brought home the importance of mental health care as more people than ever report increased negative mental health symptoms related to isolation, job loss and health problems related to COVID-19. …


Vielen Dank an die Vorsehung für Ihre unglaubliche Unterstützung!

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Vielen Dank an Providence, einen Missionspartner von YWCA Spokane In Fortführung einer Tradition der Fürsorge, die die Sisters of Providence vor mehr als 165 Jahren begann, widmet sich Providence Health Care weiterhin der Schaffung gesünderer Gemeinschaften für eine bessere Welt. Als einer unserer geschätzten Missionspartner ist Providence Health Care Jahr für Jahr an die Seite von YWCA Spokane …


Raise Your Voice, Share Your STORY

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Written by Teresa Dixon, Women’s Opportunity Center Services Manager For many individuals who have experienced intimate partner domestic violence (IPDV) the longing to share their stories can be a powerful influence in the move toward reclaiming their lives. It is a way to make sense of senseless experiences while also feeling they are contributing to …


YWCA to partner with local agency MiA – Mujeres in Action

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YWCA is excited to announce a new partnership with local agency MiA – Mujeres in Action.  Mujeres in Action provides domestic violence advocacy and support to survivors in Spokane’s LatinX community. Through a partnership with the YWCA and using funds supported by DSHS, YWCA and MiA will provide bilingual advocacy and housing assistance to survivors …