YWCA Spokane widmet sich der Beseitigung von Rassismus, der Stärkung von Frauen, dem Eintreten für soziale Gerechtigkeit, der Unterstützung von Familien und der Stärkung von Gemeinschaften.


Melden Sie sich unten an, um über unsere Dienstleistungen, Veranstaltungen und wie Sie unsere Arbeit und Mission unterstützen können, auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben.

To access YWCA’s available programs and services during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit unsere regelmäßig aktualisierte Serviceseite or contact us through our 24hr helpline services by calling 509-326-2255, emailing help@ywcaspokane.org, or texting 509-220-3725.



Frauen erhalten Unterstützung und Fürsprache, um ihr Leben wieder aufzubauen, nachdem sie häusliche Gewalt erlebt haben.

Dienste für häusliche Gewalt


Kinder und Mütter entwickeln neue Werkzeuge für den Erfolg im Leben, einschließlich der Berufs- und Schulreife.

Bildung & Berufsausbildung


Kinder und Jugendliche erhalten Kontakt und Beratung, um bei der Bewältigung von Traumata und bei der Entwicklung gesundheitlicher Beziehungskompetenzen zu helfen.


Es braucht Mut

Ich habe nicht alle Anzeichen erkannt. Sie haben so klein angefangen und sich im Laufe der Zeit langsam aufgebaut. Es war nicht alles schlecht. Vieles war wirklich wunderbar. Die gewalttätigen Episoden lagen manchmal Jahre auseinander. Das machte es so schwer, so verwirrend.

Machen Sie mit


Ihre Stimme hat Kraft und kann eine erstaunliche Wirkung in Ihrer Gemeinschaft haben. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, sich zu engagieren und das Leben von Frauen, Kindern und Familien auf lokaler und nationaler Ebene zu verändern.



Wir glauben an eine Gemeinschaft, in der alle Frauen und Kinder einen sicheren Ort zum Leben haben. Ein Ort, an dem Frauen die Möglichkeit haben, einen lebenswerten Lohn zu verdienen und Familien gewaltfrei, in Frieden und in Würde leben können.

Visionäre Führungskräfte Spenden Sie noch heute

Kommende Veranstaltungen

Vorgestellte Veranstaltung

Thriving Now - Discussion and Q+A with Askia Apr 5

Join YWCA Spokane for a conversation with Askia Underwood, a survivor recently featured in Uncovered: The Secrets We Hide. We will sit down with Askia to hear more about her journey and how her life has changed since the documentary filmed.

Thriving Now - Discussion and Q+A with Askia

Kommende Veranstaltungen

Raising a Secure Child Group @ YWCA Spokane, Women's Opportunity Center
Mrz 31 um 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Raising a Secure Child Group @ YWCA Spokane, Women's Opportunity Center

This group is for parents who have completed the 8-week Circle of Security Parenting program through the YWCA Spokane and would like to continue meeting within a supportive environment to reflect on their strengths and struggles in parenting. Offered twice a month.

The Women’s Opportunity Center of YWCA Spokane is excited to offer a variety of free holistic groups and learning opportunities aimed at supporting your healing and wellness. These groups are for folks who identify as having experienced trauma at some point in their lives.

For more information, call or text 509-724-6337. On-site childcare is available upon request.

Please note: YWCA’s Women’s Opportunity Center also offers other free services for program participants including a computer lab, job readiness and mentorship services, and a free clothing and necessities boutique for anyone who identifies as non-binary or a woman. Call 509-724-6337 to learn more about these additional offerings.

Thriving Now – Discussion and Q+A with Askia @ Virtual Event
Apr 5 um 12:00 pm – 1:00 Uhr Nachmittags

Thriving Now

Join YWCA Spokane for a conversation with Askia Underwood, a domestic violence survivor recently featured in Uncovered: The Secrets We Hide. YWCA Spokane’s Jemma Riedel-Johnson (Community Engagement Cord.) and Caroline Mark (CSO Advocate & Prevention Specialist) will sit down with Askia to dive into some of the complexities of intimate partner violence and hear more about her journey and how her life has changed since the documentary filmed.

  • Was: A virtual discussion and question & answer with Askia Underwood
  • Wann: Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 | noon – 1:00pm
  • Woher: Virtuelle Veranstaltung, Zugangslink wird nach Anmeldung zur Verfügung gestellt.
  • Kosten: Kostenlos und öffentlich (Registrierung benötigt)
  • Fragen: engage@ywcaspokane.org | 509-385-6623

Registrieren Sie sich heute


If you would like to submit a question to Askia in advance, you may do so here. There will be time held during the event for live Q&A as well.

Thriving Now Question Submission

Meet Askia

Askia Underwood is the first-ever U.S. Business Director of award-winning, globe spanning Miroma Project Factory (MPF). An entrepreneur in residence, Askia brings more than 17 years of experience in strategic digital campaign planning, development and execution to MPF. Her expertise in digital strategy and content monetization lends to campaigns designed to motivate consumers to take action online.

A Certified Metaverse Expert, Askia’s focus includes innovating at the intersection of where multicultural shoppers connect, consider, and purchase online, along with the development of advanced format immersive, experiential, digital content, products and brand experiences.

Her past work includes migrating more than twenty-five million dollars from traditional advertising mediums to higher-performing digital, social, and search platforms working with clients in the consumer, automotive, retail, sports, pet product, beauty and non-profit categories. Priding herself on actively driving consumer behavior, Askia is often tapped to curate experiential brand moments which motivate consumers to act (watch, share, buy or donate) online.

Outside of work, she can be found dining at her local eateries, and entertaining friends in the Los Angeles area home she shares with her husband, Dr. Lance Underwood and her two youngest sons.

Meet Caroline

Caroline has served as a CSO Advocate and Prevention Specialist at YWCA Spokane for just about 2 years. She is a few months away from completing her Master of Social Work degree! Her time supporting individuals, groups, and communities across the continuum of the human experience informs the social justice roots of her practice. You will likely find Caroline talking about improv, the Midwest (her homeland), or her beloved cat at any given time.


Meet Jemma

Jemma is the Community Engagement Coordinator with YWCA Spokane. She educates and connects people with YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. She has trained and engaged over 1,000 individuals last year through domestic violence education and racial & social justice work. Jemma has been involved with nonprofits for over 10 years and is dedicated to fighting for equity through advocacy and education. She holds a Master of Science in Communications with a Graduate Certificate in Gender & Sexuality Studies from Eastern Washington University.

The Documentary – Uncovered

The premiere screening event will be March 30th from 6pm-9pm at the Garland Theater. Learn more and get tickets for this documentary screening Hier.

Breaking free from abuse with Askia Underwood: Askia hopes her story will help even just one person listen to their inner voice before it’s too late. You know the voice: the quiet whisper that says, “stop, turn around; this path isn’t for you.” In her case, ignoring that voice almost cost her her life. Her story is one of courage, faith, and learning to be honest with herself in the presence of a controlling and abusive partner. Her story is one of learning to prioritize her needs alongside her children’s. Today, she’s found her voice as a survivor of domestic abuse, a label she refuses to allow shame to cast any shadows over her.

Teen Council @ YWCA Spokane, Women's Opportunity Center
Apr 11 um 3:30 pm – 17:30 Uhr

YWCA Spokane values and respects the voices of our youth and is looking for teens who are interested in helping to shape how our community talks about dating abuse and works to foster healthy teen relationships through the efforts of our Teen Council. Supported by YWCA Prevention Coordinator, Lizbeth Reyes, this FREE, diverse, youth-led group will help make the community a safer, healthier place for young people in Spokane.

The Teen Council meets every other Tuesday in 2023  from 3:30-5:00pm (with the exception of school breaks). Food, drink, and prizes provided at every meeting!